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  1. CybeR Ridicule
    CybeR Ridicule
    Chech out our youtube which is linked to my channel!
  2. CybeR Ridicule
  3. CybeR Ridicule
    CybeR Ridicule
    Looking for recruits for your new clan CybeR,we're a new cod clan on Xbox.
  4. SYN Sarabi
    SYN Sarabi
    Member of KoG Backfire ND
  5. Ty-ray Fisher
    Ty-ray Fisher Evolutiiionz Clan
    I have Xbox 1 infinite warfare
  6. Carlos
  7. terazorblade
    Looking for members for all cod games. We got the site and support to handle it. Hit me up or terranempire.net for details.
  8. EagleEyeMick
    EagleEyeMick Lickyabogeys
    Hey I see your looking for a clan. You should try us out at www.dagclan.com/forum Just use the simple sign in and say hello in the "shoutbox". We are a large friendly bunch of gamers from mainly the USA and UK but we have people from all over the world. We also play all cod games and enjoy winning!
    Hope to see you there soon.

  9. Nessboi
    Recruiting for clan KobK
  10. SKYxROW
  11. DJDec
    looking for a team to join
  12. Carlos
    If you're using the site to log in, and you're getting dialogues about security, I'm currently working on validating SSL.
  13. DKN Network
    DKN Network
    Dark Knight Network is Currently Recruiting too Join on Xbox Message DKN Athena/DKN Bashie Poo/DKN HexdMercy 7/ DKN Mr Twisted To Join
  14. Carlos
  15. Lickyabogeys
    Looking for a black ops 3 clan ( ps4 )
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  16. terazorblade
    looking for new members on x1, ps4, and pc. Looking for leader terranempire.net
  17. Cristian
    IW looking for clan gt crazyshadowball
  18. connor
    como se juega
  19. thepaul181
  20. David cg 22
    David cg 22