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New Profile Posts

  1. Dmanjr11
    Looking for a MWR clan. Contact me for more info.
  2. Pvt. T.L.J.Fu-Miller
    Pvt. T.L.J.Fu-Miller
    Lcpl-Cpl,turned Private-Meritorius Warrant Officer 3.
  3. Pvt. T.L.J.Fu-Miller
  4. Kyro Static
    Kyro Static
    Hey wanna be in a clan called Kyro? If so message me on xbox or twitter. Both xbox and twitter username is Kyro Static.
  5. Restless
  6. Jelly TPGS
    Jelly TPGS
    TPGS is looking for new clan members we are sponsored an need some good players
    Need clan ps3 game mw3
  8. HighTec
    Revelations eSports is picking up an open team or captain willing to make a team message me and we can discuss further details
  9. Jex
    Yaawd man 1876 Jamaican!
  10. MattaB12
    Looking for xb1 Clan to play BO3
  11. Blasterworm
    Looking for xb1 team member's that are trying to go pro msg on xb1 Mb Blasterworm
  12. Carlos
    If you registered, and you are using a Hotmail, Outlook, or Live account, our IP has been blocked, and I am working to delist it.
  13. Carlos
    Call of Duty: WWII Revealed!
  14. ESC_Fakerz
    HELLO I am ESC_Fakerz from elitespartanclan we are a sponsoredred team by youth energy and critical grips need 2 for cod iw ESPORTS 5000 fol
    1. ESC_Fakerz
      Contact me on psn zahidmamoun or on gmail zahidbest37@gmail.com I am captain of the esports team and I need 2 people join good people as my full team is out because of drama we were 7th in ladders so u better step up
      Apr 24, 2017
  15. KoG Defender
    KoG Defender
    I am a Leader in KoG, Kings of Gaming. Message me if you are interested in a fun and competitive gaming community.
  16. Jblaze100312
    Looking to join back with xgc someone please contact me.
  17. Carlos
    And, there it is. Looks good so far. I got it the way I want it.
  18. Carlos
    Yes, I know, it looks weird at the moment, but I'm working on it.
  19. MakeMyMountDew
    Looking for 2 IW competitive players asap am or not its fine age 15+
  20. kim
    on xbox one & 360