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  1. Reloaded Vesper
  2. GRM Elder Sean
  3. GRM Elder Sean
    GRM Elder Sean GeminiVBQ
    Check out GRMgaming.net
  4. Skirata
    Looking for Call Of Duty Pub Stompers!
  5. LSD_Sniping
    ABSUTHERLAND78 Cosmic_Vicious
  7. Mika Hämäläinrn
    Mika Hämäläinrn Carlos
    thank you for this great and popular clan, and have a nice summer
  8. Mika Hämäläinrn
    Mika Hämäläinrn
    COD Gamer : i own allmost all PS4 cod games. send friend request. my PSN user name is s3ilor_71 i accept F34R clan friends and others too.
    ABSUTHERLAND78 enmanuel hernandez
  10. enmanuel hernandez
    enmanuel hernandez
    I'm looking for a comp team to team with been playing for a while but can never find a stable team. please let me know!
  11. RyanJamesGlen
    I'm looking for a PS4 clan to do YouTube with gamebattles?? Add me on psn RyanJamesGlen
  12. Waliex
    Looking for Clan/community!
  13. stiofan
    Seeking a clan to join
  14. PDHamrick
    I own Black Ops 2 for the Wii U! Contact me if you ever want to play!
  15. the big tree beast
    the big tree beast
    hi all i am new to cod forums hope all are excited for cod ww2
  16. Cosmic_Vicious
    Looking for a good clan I'm a slayer. Play with teammates, looking for a clan with a decent fan base
  17. ClowdGaming
  18. Elite Nitrogen
    Elite Nitrogen
    Add me on Xbox live @Elite Nitrogen and msg me saying you want to try out for the clan. Must have either black ops 3, IW, MWRemasterd
  19. Elite Nitrogen
    Elite Nitrogen
    Go follow my instagram and msg me Call of Duty so I know you're from call of duty
  20. RGX Koenig
    RGX Koenig
    RGX Gaming Community