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New Profile Posts

  1. XGN Rome
    XGN Rome
    Any Questions message me on Xbox GT: XGN Rome
  2. Jay Deshaun
    Jay Deshaun
    I'm getting ready to enter the COD contest!
    1. Carlos
      Enjoy! Welcome to CODForums! :)
      Nov 18, 2017 at 5:17 AM
  3. Shayne white
    Shayne white
    Looking for XB1 COD WW2 clan competetive
  4. Aces_Deathwish
  5. RachTheStar
    Looking for Xbox one players
    Haven't been this exited for a CoD for a very long time!!
  7. KingTraumaTized
    Hi I’m KingTraumaTized I’m recruiting now for SGK SavageKINGz 777 i injoy playing war games so if you want to join msg me Im on MLG Too
  8. rG Minnesota CL
    rG Minnesota CL
  9. Donald Fry
    Donald Fry
    Looking to join a competitive clan on the ps4 for ww2. Please let me know if anybody is recruiting. Will play any game modes.
  10. Carlos
    Remember: Use the correct e-mail address, people!
  11. Carlos
    Not even 2 weeks, and CODForums is blowing up. Look at this!
  12. Jon Keller
    Jon Keller
    Fanatic gamer and casino player
  13. SiN7xpennywise
    Clan recruiting campers who enjoy holding spawn and going for perfect 75-0 HC TDM
  14. Brodie
    Join KFTW
    1. AnthonyCx69
      What’s that ?
      Nov 8, 2017
  15. Joshua Bowman
    Joshua Bowman
    I'm looking to join a clan for ww2.
  16. Scary terry
    Scary terry
    Clan recruiting Xbox one
  17. Alpha1Gaming
  18. James Singleton
    James Singleton Carlos
    It will be nice to win ww11 for xbox one
    1. Carlos
      Well, read the thread, and start doing what the thread asks of you.
      Nov 1, 2017
  19. James Singleton
    James Singleton
    Yes it pretty good too win ww11 for xbox one
  20. Carlos
    I'm only going to say this once: Your information is safe. https is locked on the site. It's locked on the actual network it operates on.