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    Let me extend a warm welcome to all the new members, why not invite your friends, family, and pets to join, the more the merrier.
    Excuse the dust. Testing ads now.
    I purchased a bundle which contained a Striker 45 cal submachine gun. The submachine gun works but there is no gunsmith panel beside it to manage the weapon.
    Is this normal or is there a problem here?
    No worries, man. Excited to see more people join!
    I've just done some work on DestroyRepeat to fix the intermittent issues, I have not seen any more errors from inside xenForo's ACP just yet, so for now we're good.
    Sorry, guys, server's been going up and down lately. It's because of the way DestroyRepeat works with PHP. I'm currently looking into it, but till then, please excuse the dust. Some error reports were from other sites like SwitchForum.
    God. I love MW2's Multiplayer. Yeah, it was broken in places, but the guns, the gameplay feel, everything seems like a polish from COD4.
    I will never stand for people harassing other people. I've seen someone false reporting other people like it's fun and games. I honestly don't want people to feel unwelcomed. I will not stand for that kind of behavior. If you're going to report others for stupid reasons, you're gone.
    Sorry about that guys. I had an issue, and I was checking things, and upgraded the server backend.

    We should be good for a while now, though.
    I really, really wish there were more smart people in the world, but people just want to be jerks.
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