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Angels of Death

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  • Raid Shadow Legends: If you want to play this game, save some time and send a whack load of money to me, you'll get the same effect, as in no game and no money left.

    If you like I can even make up a stack of random stats to show how well you did.
    I feel like playing MW3 for some reason, do people still play, can I buy it so that I can play co-op survival on my new PC while someone else plays on my old PC?
    Should I get some marshmallows, start a really salty thread and then toast them on the flames?
    To the dude that for 4 games stayed quiet, then when your team finally got a win became oh so vocal with insightful messages like "ez", I say, yeah, right.
    Seems like he watches GGReloaded, lol.
    1 of those players that's only singing when they're winning.

    I type gg when we lose but I enjoyed the game and gg when we win or GG when we win BIG, lol
    I seem to spend more time playing with my RGB lighting than playing games on my gaming PC right now!!!

    Still having fun though.
    OMG. I have 30-minutes free, thought I would jump in for a quick play and WTF... 35GB update! That's going to take 2-3 hours to upload and knock out the internet for eveyone else in the house.

    Am, I the only person here that's getting tired of this?
    I am starting a Solo clan, not inviting any new members though, as I have already reached maximum capacity.
    What's the point of a clan if the clan is solo?
    I was just messing man, there's no clan for a loner like me.
    • Haha
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    Patch 1.21.1 downloading to install today, I can't wait to try the new maps and see what else is new.
    Played my first Co-op game last night, that was fun, makes a difference from the regular games.
    OMG! The world is in Lockdown and MW gives us a game mode called Cabin Fever!

    Talk about rubbing it in! B1tc#£$!!

    Oh, but it's so fun, best mode to play at the moment, IMHO
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