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    No wonder Activision shut down their forum

    I can understand why you might think that, particularly when you compare it other CoD games from the past but in defense of the game that's been produced, it has been put together under totally different circumstances to their normal production methods. The development of BOCW has been held...
  2. DizzyDemon

    50 fps with min settings on RTX 2060

    i5 2500k is at the lowest requirement for recommended specs, I was on a 3770k, so next gen i7 to you with a GTX 980 and was struggling to get beyond 105fps peak and averaging 95fps with lows in the high 80s range. To really make a difference it would be worth swapping out your mobo, RAM and...
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    #Truth Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    The more I play this the more I regret spending my money on this game..

    A little bit off topic, but I think the game you're talking about is called '83: Which sounds most interesting.
  5. DizzyDemon

    The more I play this the more I regret spending my money on this game..

    So, there is another thread where the OP talked about the behavior of the players AND how bad the game looked, at first, I didn't think that the issue of which gen would have an impact on the way that gamers playing would behave but that was only part of the issue. The part of the complaint...
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    The more I play this the more I regret spending my money on this game..

    I haven't played it yet, but from what I have been reading about it here and in other posts on CoDForums it seems like it was a good decision to hold back on pulling the trigger on this 1.
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    the intro of Nimrod

    Hi @Nimrod and welcome to the forums, it's great to have you join us, I look forward to reading about your views and sharing ideas with you.
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    hmmm.... going back to the OP, he said: And that has nothing to do with the comparisons between old and next gen consoles, but then he also said: So, yeah, I can see why you might ask that. We are still on the first wave of next gen titles though, so I think we would have a pretty long wait...
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    Was the difference in performance between the old and new gen consoles a factor that changed the way people were playing the game? CoD:Modern Warfare doesn't have any issues with cross gen differences but still has a lot of people camping. I am finding it hard to see the relevance of new...
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    Of course, typical that I would have got the wrong meaning from that... Sorry buddy. へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ You must be used to that from me by now though, right?
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    Bring back shipment 24/7

    I was playing Shipment 24/7 last night, have they taken it off today? I line playing on that map but not enough to sign a petition for its return. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Hi @Captain Badluck, sounds like you were lucky enough to find CoD:Forums but not so lucky BOCW. Campers always find places to pitch their tents, some have even made it as successful YouTube channel operators where they camp, troll and then post videos of it, if you have played any version of...
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    Help please!

    There is a thread with links to Activision support sites here, check it out, I think you need to contact Activision support comunity or raise a ticket, you will find links for both options and more in the link I provided above. I hope you get the issue resolved. I really wish Activision would...
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    I see why you snipe

    You're right, it does bug me when I get shot by a sniper, it also bugs me when I get shot by a player yielding a rocket launcher, lethal equipment, handguns, SMGs, ARs, shotguns, LMGs and DMRs, not to mention shield, knives, those stick things, katanas, fists, frozen fish and those special melee...
  15. DizzyDemon

    What is the hardest game you've played?

    The cake is a lie! I find real time strategy games to be hard, not because the games are difficult to play, more because I cba to go through the learning curve.