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Tactical Gaming

Recent content by Frieza

  1. Frieza

    TV shows you watch?

    So, any of you got a favourite TV show or current series you're watching right now? Currently I'm watching The Walking Dead (which also happens to be my favourite) , and cannot wait for the season finale, it's going to be insane. I plan on watching Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and so on...
  2. Frieza

    Let's talk about Zombies.

    I think everyone lines/trains zombies now, it's the go to tactic for zombies. If I'm going for high rounds I just try get and LMG or rifle that can hold its own and run around the map, with zombies tailing behind. After a good line I turn around and just empty a clip, reload and repeat...
  3. Frieza

    What is your favourite Call of Duty game?

    CoD single player is no factor for me, so in that regard MW2 is my favourite. It was almost perfect online, they just needed that one extra patch to fix the Grenade launchers and a few other bugs. It's a real shame they just left it how it is, I spent many hours on that game.
  4. Frieza

    Is this the game that glorified quickscopes?

    I think MW2 opened up quickscoping to everyone, it had perks catering towards it and made it easier to become good at it. Those who were doing it from Call of Duty 4 were pretty much masters by this point, so MW2 quickscoping was a breeze for them. So I do think this did glorify it, but only...