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    Xbox Live Installing Black Ops II

    The same thing happened to me when I was getting the first copy. You might just need a new copy from the store.
  2. Funky Jammer

    Twitter: @funkyjammer

    Twitter: @funkyjammer
  3. Funky Jammer

    You can now insert your PSN username or XBL gamertag.

    This is awesome! I need to update my info anyways! :)
  4. Funky Jammer

    Elite Clans,Invite Me.

    It says he's 13 and semi pro status. Such cute little gamers.
  5. Funky Jammer

    Help for a God Awful Player

    Yeah dude, just take your time and learn the maps. Try all the perks and feel out what's good for you. Personally, I don't think mw3 was the best installment to gt your start on but hey, that's life! You'll be alright, it's all a game of practice.
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    Lets Make Video On Youtube!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Xbox Tokers?

    (Looking for a GFX artist, PM me please) http://xboxstoners.freeforums.org/ Wondering if there are any other Mary Jane lovin' tokers on the forums at this hour? I made a simple, nonprofit website that I am looking to get traffic on. If anyone would like to come by or voice any input, I...
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    I think that's kind bull shit for pc gamers, I can't imagine wii players.
  9. Funky Jammer

    What web browser?

    I'm back on safari hah
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    What do you like in the game so far?

    Discuss here your favorite things in MW3!
  11. Funky Jammer

    Well guys!

    Good luck!
  12. Funky Jammer

    I'm back!

    Your Funky Ambassador is back in action! How is everyone?
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    Welcome to the forums! Stick around!
  14. Funky Jammer

    Behind the Scenes with MW3 Weapon Progression

    About time they jumped on the weapon band wagon