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  1. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Does anyone else have any particular memories from this cod?

    Oh, I have plenty of memories with this game. :) My father got hold of a copy of it back when it launched, and we played the single player campaign together. Afterwards, when we got Internet hooked up, I would play with friends on private servers for hours. I remember hiding behind cows and...
  2. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Tranzit Easter Egg

    As someone put it, in Call of Duty Zombies, you never win: you just do a little better every time. I've been playing Zombies for years now, and I keep having fun because I don't try to do the easter eggs - I just try to survive.
  3. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Call of Duty: Advanced WORKOUT!

    Haha, this is brilliant! I knew this kind of thing existed for other games, such as DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but this is definitely my favorite! Too bad I'm too lazy to get off my couch/chair whenever I play. xD
  4. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Best Multiplayer Mode?

    OP, I completely agree with you! Kill Confirmed is like a buffed-up Team Deathmatch with more fun added. However, Gun Game is my all-time favorite game mode in every shooter game (except for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Competitive game mode, if you can count that in). I like the fast...
  5. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    One in the Chamber

    I really liked the idea of the game, but I liked it way better in Black Ops 2, especially because it actually got some people playing it under the "Party Games" section. Nowadays, people are still playing it on Black Ops 2 on Steam, while the mode is DEAD on Black Ops 1 on PC.
  6. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Favorite Zombie's Map?

    Mine is Moon. I love the setting, I love the mechanics, I love the story, I just love it all! In fact, I JUST came to this forum after finishing somewhere in round ~25 on a game of solo Moon. My main strategy is to turn on the power, and then camp the biodome after it is breached by the excavator.
  7. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Does anyone still play this? Please tell me you do.

    I still play this with friends sometimes, but very rarely, as most of them have jumped ship from Call of Duty to other first person shooter games. In spite of that, I still get them to join me for a few games of zombies or for a bit of multiplayer! It's amazing how well this game holds even today.
  8. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Is this the game that glorified quickscopes?

    I think so, yes. It was the time MLG was starting to claw into Call of Duty, and people were looking to impress and look cool while "quickscoping". Personally, I never approved of quickscoping, as I find it a bit dumb, but I guess it might be useful in some situations.
  9. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    This or MW2? Which do you like more?

    I liked Modern Warfare 2 way more, but mostly because of the nostalgia. When I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I had a lot of friends online to play it with. By the time Modern Warfare 3 launched, they mostly jumped ship from Call of Duty, or they just lost interest. I guess I'm one of the few who...
  10. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Excited for Zombies

    I seriously can't wait for Black Ops 3 zombies. From what I've seen so far, it's going to be great fun, and I believe it will only improve upon the formula they brought in Black Ops 2. Sledgehammer Studios' Exo Zombies was a bit boring and bland, but it was still some great fun due to the exo...
  11. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Call of Duty: Ghosts Campaign...good or bad?

    I really can't decide whether it was good or bad. I mean, it was good enough that it kept me interested in what's coming up until the end, but it was also bad because I could predict almost every thing following like the father dying and the dog being shot (even though, I have to admit that I...
  12. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    What was your favourite mission on CoD4?

    Either "All Ghillied Up" for its difficulty, or the Al-Asad television station one, because when I was younger and I played CoD 4, I had great difficulty in completing this one due to the overwhelming number of terrorists inside the station.
  13. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Favorite PC mod?

    Has to be that Star Wars one, but I haven't played Modern Warfare 1 in a while, and I believe development on it was ceased. It looked really great, though, and the video presenting it was really amusing.
  14. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Does anyone here want a new WW2 Call of Duty?

    Definitely. Call of Duty really needs to take a break from all the futuristic storylines and go back to some good old World War 2 warfare. I remember rumors spreading before Advanced Warfare's announcement that Treyarch is already working on a World War 2 game. If made by Treyarch, I will...
  15. GlacialDoom_Imported3

    Favorite CoD Map of All Time

    It's a tie between Terminal and Highrise, both from Modern Warfare 2. They're both so beautiful and so well made, that I know almost all corners of each map after playing them through hundreds of times.