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  1. moaz13

    Is the Xbox more geared to FPS than the PS?

    Yup. Now with games like Sunset Overdrive, MGS5 and Kingdom Hearts coming out for the Xbone, Microsoft might start to widen their target audience range, which they really need since the Xbone isn't doing so well.
  2. moaz13

    If you could decide what new weapons came to A.W.'s dlc, what would you choose?

    There's always going to be some terrible DLC that splits the community, maps are no better than weapons. It's absurd to think people pay £10 for 4 maps then you can get thousands for free on CS:GO
  3. moaz13

    Call of Duty vs Halo

    I'm not really following the events closely, what happened to the launch that makes it disastrous?
  4. moaz13

    What console will you be buying AW on?

    Honestly I made the same mistake, I believed their promise of dedicated servers and TotalBiscuit's video was pretty good so I went ahead and dropped £30...
  5. moaz13

    How's your multiplayer experience?

    Well if they do everything they did for BO2, it should be perfect. I think it's strange since the PC port for this game is pretty good yet they don't care about something so basic like servers...
  6. moaz13

    Call of Duty: Advanced WORKOUT!

    Huh, sounds amusing and cool, kind of like what I do in between Dota respawns.
  7. moaz13

    Does anyone here want a new WW2 Call of Duty?

    I think COD needs to take a break in general, it's getting fatiguing. I'm having more fun playing turn based Japanese RPGs than modern or any kind of shooter. If the game wants to do something different, stop doing the hollywood movie campaign and try and do something like the first Crysis maybe.
  8. moaz13

    Is Advanced Warfare any good?

    Ugh, MW2, really a terrible game, I went through with my boycott for that game, IW really treats the PC like crap. Black Ops is really good on the PC though, fantastic port as far as I can tell, but it's not a very good looking game either.
  9. moaz13

    Least Favorite?

    I wouldn't say that. There is definitely way way too many WWII shooters. I feel like what can be more interesting is a WWI game, like Valiant Hearts, but an FPS.
  10. moaz13

    Favorite PC mod?

    Oh that was great. There is a similar mod for Mount and Blade that is so great as well. And with the Battlefront reboot coming soon I might revisit that mod.
  11. moaz13

    New Era of Multiplayer

    Sorry that's just the definition of Fanboy right there, getting angry that someone else loves a different game. I really like it but that's why I criticize CoD.
  12. moaz13

    First AW impressions so far?

    Other than the terrible server issues I'll say the game is the best multiplayer in a CoD I have played. Really enjoying jetpacking and stomping campers and using lasers, you need to play it like Unreal Tournament, not like CoD.
  13. moaz13

    Quick Clip of the Day!

    Yeah no point in doing dropshots when you have jetpacks and lasers. Really like the addition of the new mechanics for the game.
  14. moaz13

    No dedicated servers

    Not at all. I don't think you know what you're talking about. it's very easy to host and let players host their own servers. There is almost no downsides to hosting servers compared to just not hosting them and dealing with horrible p2p.
  15. moaz13

    Call of Duty vs Halo

    It's the opposite for me, Halo 4 feels more like a modernised easy shooter and a power fantasy than a proper, good, challenging shooter.