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Recent content by mrmarsbar

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    DC comics or Marvel?

    I have no idea. Both are so good!
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    Nintendo Switch

    let's hope so.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I hope Rockstar won't make another gta online out of RDR2.
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    Nintendo Switch

    ah, welcome to the "can't afford" club, buddy!
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    Discord or Skype?

    Discord for sure. The interface is so much better, compared to Skype.
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    Favorite Movie Genre

    I love action and comedy!
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    thanks, mister!
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    Dream Job.

    I'm still in school, but I want to be a lawyer!
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    which country are you from?

    GB here. great to see you all so close!
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    Favorite Non-CoD game

    Half-Life was the stuff back then. too bad Valve gave up on singleplayer games.
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    The good old infinite story game

    ...messing around...
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    What games are you playing until Black Ops 4?

    I still have a couple of games to finish, like GTA V and Yakuza 0, so i'll play that.
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    hey! I just joined this forum! I'm a gamer, and recently I've started playing some CoD games. nice to meet you all!