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  1. OxeSniping

    introducing me!

    Thanks :D
  2. OxeSniping

    introducing me!

    Hey guys! This will be little waird for me, but i have added my team-name on the username so maybe its not so interested for you guys to know about my team, buy i will introduce my self to. I'll start to introduce myself first :) I am boy/young man on 23 years old...i have been a cod player in...
  3. OxeSniping

    Multi Helping lonely sniper players out!

    Hey there guys. I send this message for you guys so are loney and bored to play alone! My clan just started for a few days ago, and we are looking for players. My team members are awsome and i know in the future we will have alot of fun. If there is players there so hoped you will get into a...
  4. OxeSniping

    Advice for new Clans & Squads

    Just started my own clan...and thank you for the tips...its helps alot :)
  5. OxeSniping

    A new Modern Warfare is still happening

    Cant wait for the next call of duty...Mw3 is my fov game, and i hope mw4 will be much better.
  6. OxeSniping

    Multi Xbox and PS clan recruiting | OxeSniping

    Hey guys. I just started my own clan, and so far we got 6 members. We are looking for players, editors, GFX, managers, leaders and staff. We are a multicod team, so dont worry if you are a cod4, black ops, mw2 or mw3 player. OxeSniping will be a active clan in years. We will tray hard to grow...