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    Post your PC Desktop

    This thread is exactly as it seems. Post your desktop from your PC (or Mac). If you don't know how, here: Take a screen capture (Print Screen in Windows, something else in Mac OSX) Upload it to a photo host (Flickr, ImageShack, Photobucket etc. Copy the direct link and paste it into...
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    Map Pack 3 tops one million sales in its first weekend!

    Wow. That's really impressive! Treyarch are making a huge amount of money off its fans, and you can hardly blame them. I don't have any of the map pack, but I hope to get Map Pack 3 soon.
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    Hello Guys

    I searched 'CoD Forums'. It brought up CoD4Forums, which is another site I'm part of. I decided to remove the number and then see what came up. It brought this site up and looked great. I signed up, and this is what happened.
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    Hello Guys

    I look forward to it :) What I don't understand is how this is a small community though. I mean, you have one of the best domain names for a Call of Duty forum lol
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    Make your voices heard

    Hmmm.... this site seems pretty flawless to me at the moment. It's easy to post on, easy to use.... yeah. It seems perfectly good to me.
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    Hello Guys

    How'd you guess? lol :D I like this site though - it has a lot of cool features on it, such as the Wiki (I love writing Wiki articles and stuff... shame Wikipedia is already near enough perfect :)) Hoping the downloads will be up soon. I want to upload a few of the official wallpapers and...
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    What else are you playing right now?

    I'm playing Zombies in WaW, amongst some other things. I'm playing Fable II a little as well - need to leave it for a while though, so I get a lot more money. I'm trying to get the achievement 'Ruler of Albion'.
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    Hello Guys

    Thanks Jason. I take it this is a pretty small community at the moment?
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    whats ur ownage weap?

    I have no weapon I'm guaranteed to own with. But, I always feel more confident with the MP44, for some unknown reason.
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    Button layout and look sensitivity

    I use Medium sensitivity (if you use the numbering system, it's 2). I play on the Default layout as well.
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    Gold AK-47

    The AK47 is just the same as the Gold one. Only go for the gold if you think you can get enough headshots. The M14 is best to use in Hardcore with a silencer or Red Dot. The silencer makes it a very potent weapon - great for sniping without being seen.
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    Favorite pistol??

    I like the Colt M1911 the best. It has a small clip and everything, but it is the best all rounder I think. If I'm playing Hardcore, I prefer the Silenced M9 though.
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    Your Favourite Cod4 Prestige Badge Icon ?

    I loved the first prestige icon. I hated prestiging from it - it just looked so good IMO. I haven't got very far from that prestige lol - I'm fourth prestige.
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    List Your Customized Weapons/Perks?

    Primary: Kar 98k Secondary: Walther P38 Primary Grenade: Frag Secondary Grenade: Tabun Gas Perk One: Bandolier Perk Two: Stopping Power Perk Three: Steady Aim
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    Is COD 3 better than COD 4?

    I liked Call of Duty 3 the best, but I like all the Call of Duty games.