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Recent content by sedeciim

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    DC comics or Marvel?

    Thats also understandable lol
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    Adventure time was unique for sure. Marceline was adorable.
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    Favorite Movie Genre

    Blergh, love isnt my thing. But comedy yes.
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    social media - good or bad?

    Yeah, its overwhelming. I guess its very conflicted feelings we have for it.
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    which country are you from?

    Europeans gather!!
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    which fast food place is better?

    Pizza hut felt like a fast food restaurant to me. As in its mcdonalds looking fancy which felt too much for me. But i get if some do like it...
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    Dream Job.

    A storyboard artist, wow! I envy you! Thats big ambition. Are you good at drawing?
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    Belives in love yet single...the world sure is harsh on people out there : o
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    personally i'd consider myself asexual. And confused huh? We've all been there.
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    gun control

    Then we're three in the same camp.
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    whats on your mind right now?

    you're making me feel hungry now, ugh. Thank you : (
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    will climate change or nukes kill us first?

    But climate change is progressive though. I think nukes has a bigger chance.
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    Discord or Skype?

    Yup, kind of. And i used to have skype in the past too if that explains it
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    thread for heavy questions.

    Agnostic...thats a new one. So you're in the middle then? Unsure?
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    android or iphone?

    I respect all phone opinions in here, even iphone. Even though im lowkey judging.