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  1. twistedmobster

    PSN FAR clan is looking to recruit!!

  2. twistedmobster

    PSN FAR clan is looking to recruit!!

    I'm interested in your clan if your members are legit and you don't tolerate cheaters. I'm on daily playing mostly hardcore and zombies. Age 43 USA East coast
  3. twistedmobster

    PSN Revolutionary Mafia recruiting ps4

    I'm looking for good ppl to join. Only question is....are the ranks in your clan legit? I have no room for cheaters, meaning, prestige levels match kill stats
  4. twistedmobster

    Hi all

    ive been lurking for a while and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm a legitimate player and enjoy bo3 a lot. It's been really frustrating seeing all the cheaters in the game. Meaning, high level prestige with kill stats that don't match. It would be great to link up with others that don't need...