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Recent content by Vermonstah802

  1. Vermonstah802

    So, where are tanks and other vehicles in multiplayer? +feedback

    There gotta be combined arms map available
  2. Vermonstah802

    semtex vs thermite

    Are there aspects to the game available on pc tgat deent in ps4
  3. Vermonstah802

    Multi birthday clans

    I wonder if gaining members in a clan based soley members birthday's coinciding with one another.itd be interesting to see if this can work
  4. Vermonstah802


    Go outside and find another...healthier hobby. This game attracts trolls and vampires
  5. Vermonstah802

    PC Looking for people to play with

    Ill run with ya.i dong blast music bug occasionally listening helps me focus I wonder why folks haven't made clans based on birthdates
  6. Vermonstah802

    semtex vs thermite

    idk the game had thermite
  7. Vermonstah802

    Semtex all over the place

  8. Vermonstah802

    Overpowered Weapons

    Quick scoping sniper rifle surgeons dislike flash and smoke grenades for example
  9. Vermonstah802

    Overpowered Weapons

    its kinda apples and oranges to me with weapon loadouts...best thing to do is change your playstyle to counter the enemies tactics. Fwiw
  10. Vermonstah802

    Multi Shooter needz buddies

    Fair enough
  11. Vermonstah802


    Why no claymores.....but semtex and crossbows?
  12. Vermonstah802

    Multi Shooter needz buddies

    Bumping. Theres gotta be players like me
  13. Vermonstah802

    Anyone else tired of hackers in warzone?

    compensation for some is very pathetic
  14. Vermonstah802

    Multi Shooter needz buddies

    my main goal is to learn the dynamics of the game from frienfly mature players. For example....using the n word as every other breath of air is really old and disheartening. I'm not black but i have a hard time hearing that bullchih word no matter how lost souls wanna excuse the verbal diarrhea...