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  1. AntiCheatAgent94

    Any Diagnostic Apps For PS4??

    Are there any diagnostic apps for the PS4?? SOmething to monitor temps, etc etc?? It would be very helpful for my work..
  2. AntiCheatAgent94

    PS4 Controller SYNC Problem

    Yea, I tried that too.. No luck.. :( From our tech.. it's a WiFi/Bluetooth IC failure, quite common on CUH-1215A models (but can happen on any model), the Bluetooth IC has to be replaced. For anyone who might have this issue..
  3. AntiCheatAgent94

    PS4 Controller SYNC Problem

    I work on PS4 consoles at work.. Replace HDs, PSUs etc etc.. I have this PS4 here that I just replaced the HD but now the controller won't sync.. I have tried different controllers and different V-9 USB cable.. No luck.. When I re-initialize the firmware, the controller works fine to get me...
  4. AntiCheatAgent94

    Lame Spawn Kill X3

    I ain't proud.. I'll take it!! :D View: https://youtu.be/MWPD0s-GIu0
  5. AntiCheatAgent94

    Duo Team Slice & Dice

    View: https://youtu.be/lwc2PFcQHtg "Time to SLICE AND DICE" -Hatchet Man, SUPERNATURAL :D
  6. AntiCheatAgent94

    Sometimes I REALLY Like My Job :D

    Oh sure.. We had one rule.. She had to be there... :D But we probably shouldn't get into that, eh? :D Yea, I had dedicated lines installed for the BBS .. 24 of them to be exact.. It was kinda a local AOL before AOL was AOL.. :D I know, right!? I am constantly amazed how easy...
  7. AntiCheatAgent94

    Sometimes I REALLY Like My Job :D

    heheheh Trying to find the old RF hookups to hook it to a TV.. Personally, I never messed with the TRS when I was young.. I was COMMODORE all the way.. First the Vic20, then the C-64 and then on to the AMIGA 1000, 500 and 3000.. I actually ran a BBS off of an AMIGA 3000 running NETBSD...
  8. AntiCheatAgent94

    Sometimes I REALLY Like My Job :D

    A Real Blast From The Past :D
  9. AntiCheatAgent94

    MOST WANTED No Longer Tag'able

    It used to be that, if you had a MOST WANTED player in your area, you could go to your MAP, click on the MW icon and it would lock and highlight the icon in your HUD... That's no longer active.. Kinda a bummer cuz it makes it easy to get the MW player.. On the other hand, if you CHOOSE to be...
  10. AntiCheatAgent94


    I especially like the bodies falling.. :D I only saw 2 bodies fall, so I guess I vaporized the 3rd.. :D So glad that Activision de-nerf'ed the choppers.. :D
  11. AntiCheatAgent94


    I probably haven't mentioned this before.. But I LOVE sticking it to teams!! :D View: https://youtu.be/AQ1J0_GWOC4 But I got robbed!! No loot from these guys!! :( Let's see that again in Slow Motion.. :D View: https://youtu.be/oQxqT1z27n0
  12. AntiCheatAgent94

    Well, PLUNDER'S Back... AGAIN...

    Yea, that's why I don't do BR unless I am forced to.. I am good with my load out.. Not so much without..
  13. AntiCheatAgent94

    Well, PLUNDER'S Back... AGAIN...

    Oh Forgot to add.. On the BAD side PLUNDER is still locked at QUADS.. I only ran into a 2 person team so I was able to hold my own... But TPTB need to set up so there can be QUADS, TRIOS, DUOS and SOLO in PLUNDER.. It's the ONLY way to have a fair match... Maybe MW22 will give PLUNDER the...
  14. AntiCheatAgent94

    Well, PLUNDER'S Back... AGAIN...

    "Well, it's Groundhog Day... Again.." -Bill Murray, GROUNDHOG DAY It's good to be back... Some pluses.. Money is a lot more plentiful... As are Personal Recon Drones... Just had time for 2 games this morning.. Scored 9th in the first and 5th in the second... 6 kills the first game and 4 the...
  15. AntiCheatAgent94

    Modern Warfare On Acid

    Trippy..... :D View: https://youtu.be/F6AIqbgVmMQ
  16. AntiCheatAgent94

    Manipulating the SBMM... Cheating?? Or A Righteous Response To Lack Of Effort On Activision's Part

    I have wrestled with posting this since last weekend.. I conducted a little experiment where I manipulated the SBMM... For a series of 10 or so games after my experiment, I was put into games where I prevailed more often than not.. Note that I didn't modify any files or such so technically...
  17. AntiCheatAgent94


    Anyone getting that Rachel Phelps/MAJOR LEAGUE vibe???
  18. AntiCheatAgent94

    Do New Things Get Harder???

    OK Good.. So it's not just me.. It's annoying as hell.. I was beginning to think, "OK, CLASH is not too bad.. I can enjoy this until PLUNDER comes back..." But then I started doing crappy.. :(
  19. AntiCheatAgent94

    Do New Things Get Harder???

    Have a question for the masses.. One thing I have noticed with COD is that, when you try something new... A new weapon or a new game or a new mode... Things are pretty good at first.. You wrack up kills and you seem pretty good.. But then, as time goes on, you find it harder and harder to...
  20. AntiCheatAgent94


    Problem resolved.. I had my home NETWORK setup (192.168.xxx.xxx) on my machine and have it at work which is a 10.1.xxx.xxx subnet... "There's always something!!" -Admiral James T Kirk, STAR TREK IV