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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Personal experience, kids on console get shambles, it’s ALWAYS a PC player who knows where everyone is the entire map. Have YET to seen a console player who plays the way I see PC hackers play. Maybe there are some hackers in console, but what were NOT going to do is act like it’s easy to mod on...
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    Cold War is becoming trash...er than it already is. Hackers, damn near every other lobby. No anti cheat and they can block you so you can’t report them. Next issue, why tf do y’all cater the game to 2 guns? Why even add new guns into the game if your going to buff 1 AR and 1 SMG, oh the FFAR got...
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    You guys are the ones who introduced hacking. Get over aim assist, plenty kids in console trash even if we have aim assist. YOU guys bring hacks into every game, every single game bro. Bro, do you know what aim assist does? Because y’all have no clue. All it does is slow down a TINY bit over...
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    In game stuck start screen

    I know a few ppl hurt by this, cost us games tbh. If you switch your class between rounds on league play ( idk if it’s the same for pubs ) you’ll get perms stuck the entire game on the start screen where it says create a class and all that. The only option you have is to dashboard. So not only...
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    Hackers on Cold War.

    Bro... every single day, damn near 2 in five games I get placed with hackers. They ban half a million hackers on warzone but do nothing on the current title. Wild. Tracking through walls, prefire before I hit corners. Man sometimes I haven’t even made my mind up to go on a certain route on a map...