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    Hit detection

    Anyone else having issues with hit detection on PS4 I couldn't hit a barn door recently and it's getting annoying I know my aim is quite good but always missing something is not right
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    Lag lag lag

    I've played this game since launch and I'm finally giving up the lag issues have beat me amongst other problems that have never being resolved since launch.its a shame the game is a broken mess because the times I've managed to play unhindered I've enjoyed it I own every cod game and I've never...
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    What have they done to hardhat

    Apart from rust all the maps from previous cod games are trash they have even ruined hard hatqas really looking looking forward to it but omg it's dire
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    No play since update

    Five days now since update and I've managed to play three games just cannot get into a lobby and missing out on double xp weapon and battlepass xp the game has being broken since launch seriously considering giving up and deleting game shame because I've enjoying playing (when it works)
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    Can't find a match

    Ever since the last update a few days ago I cannot find a match in multiplayer I end up in a lobby on my own anyone else having same issues