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    Dead Silence has no place in a BR, of any sort

    What sets BR apart from other game modes is that situational awareness is JUST as key as aim Since you are dealing with a wide open map, you have no idea where players are, where they are coming from, etc And to do this, a player has 2 senses via his/her PC Sight, and Vision Guess what...
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    What the f^^^ is up with matchmaking?

    Ill go 36-4 MY NEXT BEST TEAMMATE NEXT BEST Is a pathetic 7-28 THAT IS MY NEXT BEST TEAMMATE IN A FULL LENGTH< FULL TEAM MATCH HOW HOW is that SBMM? In ANY WAY Why dont i get to face teams this bad?
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    Finn ADVERSE BARELL Bugged

    The adverse barrel no longer improves fire rate
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    If noob tubes have an arm distance, why dont RPG's?

    Right now, the PRIMARY use of RPG's is as an immediate room clearing weapon Granted, its nowhere near meta But still Rpg should have an arm distance, just like underbarrel grenades
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    Taking MONTHS to make minor adjustments to OP weapons

    Is pathetic Seriously How hard is it to go into the game code Change a few values like recoil, damage, etc And solve these meta weapon issues quickly Instead of forcing players to use said meta weapons, or abstain from the game entirely until it is fixed I have ZERO interest in HAVING to run...
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    Stun Grenades are still OP

    As per title A stun grenade hit is an automatic death sentence Flashbang? You can run and escape Having some distance from the flash reduces its effectiveness Stun grenade? You catch the smallest piece of it, totally stunned Stun grenades EITHER need to start wearing off faster, or have...
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    Nerf the FFAR already

    Im tired of ONLY losing gunfights because I choose to not use this weapon No weapon should be OBJECTIVELY better than the competition All weapons within a similar class NEED TO HAVE a similar TTK ANYTIME a weapon pops up as having a clear TTK advantage, EVERYONE goes to it, and it makes...
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    The attachment for "reduced flinch" is total BS

    Close Mid-Range fight Pop up from cover to shoot a guy Catch him in the open I land every hit- headshotted by his Kar98 You shouldnt be able to land a headshot IN THE MIDDLE of eating a series of hits There was literally nothing more I could do correctly to beat him, but cause he could just...
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    Can we please adjust the idiotic "Corner-Jump Meta"

    Corner Jumping referring how basically EVERYONE will bunny-hop around a corner because it gives a pretty significant advantage (throws off any lined up headshot, while allowing the jumper to maintain near perfect accuracy) I quit playing the COD series a long time ago, as their games moved away...
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    Useless teammates

    The only answer is to remove kills in Objective game modes, from influencing your KD You want high KD? You gotta play TD or other kill based game modes Objective game modes should ONLY contribute to your win/loss ratio People (including irl friends of mine) play game modes like domination...
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    What Rifle is the M13 based on?

    Not the HK416 It is based off of the Sig MCX
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    Can someone explain this? Health Damage THROUGH armor

    So is it a bug? Is damage SUPPOSED to pass through the armor
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    Can someone explain this? Health Damage THROUGH armor

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R-0o1sjz9Q
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    After first drop, you should only be able to purchase and hold ONE parachute

    As part of the massively toxic sniper meta, unlimited parachutes make this even worse As a sniper can hit you form a mile away, and then almost immediately be on top of your ass Make it so players must PURCHASE a parachute for $5000 imo Its a one time use
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    Thoughts on Warzone Balance

    Overall, this game mode is a ton of fun However, there are some aspects that REALLY take a chunk of the fun outta the game Certain aspects that are TOO dominant that really take away the fun 1st on the List is SNIPERS Its a big map, it makes sense that people want sniper rifles I get that...
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    This game has some of the WORST audio I have ever dealt with

    I am not talking about audio QUALITY I am not talking about the weapon sounds and things like that I am talking about sound localization Where the sound comes from, and when it does and doesn't show up I play Tarkov, which has INFAMOUS audio issues And even that is NOWHERE near as bad as this...