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    Thumbs up from me , COD is still the best fps but if the lobbies disband after every match I for one won't be buying MW2. Oh and Ricochet Anti cheat needs a major buff! From what I'm seeing cheating is still out of control
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    Please help PS4 question

    Thought as much, just another head scratching wtf thing ! Unfortunately there are that many glitchy things wrong with cod games now I've given up with them and that's the main reason I won't be buying Vanguard. When they start caring about the quality of the game and their consumers instead of...
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    Please help PS4 question

    Weapon attachments ? But if you and your husband's are identical then it can't be !?
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    Vanguard , Battlefield 2042 , or Hell Let Loose ?

    Ye Yep , I'm on PS5 , looking forward to giving it a go
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    Vanguard , Battlefield 2042 , or Hell Let Loose ?

    Thanks for the reply , I missed out on the beta (work away) but really want to be able to have a few games of Vanguard first before I commit to buying , hope they do a free trial at some point like they have with CW.
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    Vanguard , Battlefield 2042 , or Hell Let Loose ?

    Hi , I've played the Vanguard alpha and checked out a lot of feedback on the beta . I'm probably more excited about Hell Let Loose than the other two. Have any of you guys any feedback on pros and cons between these games ?
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    Can't get rid of the green dot notification under the Operators?

    I've had it for months now , tried everything on every operator and it's still there. Green dot notification had been broken for ever ! I've never bought any micro transactions and only download the free bundles to get the XP tokens , tired of having to clear the pointless calling card , sticker...
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    Vanguard Alpha just played

    Just played the alpha , total poo. Don't waste your time. Terrible sound (can't hear where enemy fire or movement is) I'm on ps5 with ps 3d pulse headset. Alphas just a gimmick to stir up interest I hope the actual game play and sound are a lot better !
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    An F'ing Queue?

    Doesn't matter about new season , weapons skins etc. As long as every lobby in mp is dispanded and you have to wait literally minutes to join another this game will have zero appeal to me no matter how good . Bf 5 free on ps plus I've heard ? Never played it might have to give it a go to...
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    Everyone's Experience w/ BOCW's MMS

    Very easy or very sweaty , the latter being about 80% of the time. According to several reputable YouTubers if your kd is above 1.12 you are in the top 20% of players. The SBMM is annoying but the lobbies dispanding after every game is the deal breaker for me , if that is going to happen in the...
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    Undetectable By Proximity Mines.. Perk Or Cheat??

    Ghost and ninja are a must , I run flack jacket and tactical mask on perk one to counter mines and gas
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    What's the best map?

    Moscow and Miami. The others are meh. Way too many old maps getting thrown in like Raid. The new map with season 2 is the worst just behind the campfest map Garrison
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    Tracer Bundle

    Plenty of pink bullets flying , must have been part of season 1. I've better things to spend my money on though
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    Please have a NO SHOTGUN MODE and keep lobbies...

    Shotguns and snipers are easy meat, don't see the problem there at all ? The op's point about keeping lobbies is the game breaker for me , lobbies will do the SBMM themselves with people leaving and joining it's also one of the main reasons I don't play so much now
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    All of you suck.

    I'm with you on the amount of scopes for every weapon including pistols. There are more people playing nowadays and yes the majority are well below average mainly because they're under 10 years old ! Play later in the evening the games more competitive and the squeekers are tucked up in bed. As...
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    I enjoy Apocalypse, others thoughts?

    I hate Nuketown but I'd vote for it over Apocalypse every time ! The map is awful
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    Fed up of waiting to join a lobby

    It's Saturday morning and early season two , why am I waiting what seems like an eternity to join a lobby ? I've got an open Nat , 6-7 game modes selected and cross play enabled in both core and hardcore yet it still takes forever to find a lobby ffs ! When I do get to play I'm constantly...
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Ok , humour me I've sent you xclusive aces take on aim assist watch it then critique his opinion for being wrong , you send me 1 just 1 reputable youtuber ( if you can find one) who thinks aim assist us op and a crutch to console players and gives an advantage over pc players and I'll critique it
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Man your one sad boomer full of crap ! Aim assist has been in cod on console since cod 4 if not before , cross play has only been activated since cod mw 2019 so your first point of controller players vs pc already proven wrong! I'm not going to reach old age because I'll die laughing at you...