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    Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

    I've been a huge MGS fan, played all of the games and loved them all. The most recent installment-to-be Phantom Pain, was shown off at E3, but i just watched the Demo Trailer there now and will post a link at the end of the thread. It looks pretty amazing, loving the look of it. Even the small...
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    PlayStation Network ID Thread

    I haven't seen one of these threads around so if i missed it then, please removed this one. Post somewhere below with your PSN ID and we'll make a list easier to find people to play with! I'll try and keep this updated as people post but it may get longer as we get more people! I'll start us...
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    Hello, I'm Seano.

    Hello Folks, how you doing? My name is Sean, incase you didn't guess from my username, simple from my younger years and just stuck with it lol I've been a CoD fan since the Call of Duty 4, not has hardcore as others but i've had every one since and loved them all, maybe no the last few but...