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    It’s worse than normal

    Cronus zen is for all platforms, just an fyi.
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    SAW bundle

    I wouldn't waste the cash on it as it doesn't carry over to the new warzone.
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    Caldera Clash

    Just as hard as keeping plunder up at all times.
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    Welp They Finally Fixed the FLOOR GLITCH In The SUB PEN

    It is still there, so there's no telling when they'll do the playlist update. I don't mind playing clash though.
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    Welp They Finally Fixed the FLOOR GLITCH In The SUB PEN

    Ppssst, in case you hadn't noticed, plunder goes away for a bit again, replaced by clash. But supposed to come back a week later.
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    Golden Plunder

    Not had any issues playing Golden Plunder this weekend. I did have issues playing Ground War last week though.
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    Plunder Back!!! :D

    They were having server issues across all platforms yesterday. Think it started with the weekend as I stopped being able to connect to the Ground War servers.
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    Plunder Back!!! :D

    Can't even trust their own trello page anymore. Plunder was supposed to be back last week. Keep in mind, that bundle won't transfer to warzone 2. It's good that they finally re-added it though as I can only take so much Ground War. Got 12 kills though.
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    log in to warzone problem

    If using a vpn, shut it down.
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    Help - Warzone Account Banned Hack

    What happens when you launch the game?
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    Reset Game Modes

    Plunder is actually supposed to be listed according to their own trello page playlist updates. https://trello.com/b/ZgSjnGba/warzone
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    T-1000 Bundle Issues

    Where are you seeing they say the T-1000 turns to liquid upon death? The store page makes no mention of such a thing.
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    How Long PLUNDER Down???

    Did you forget to watch their trello page?
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    No unlocking in Plunder 2022? Where is Most Wanted?

    I haven't seen any most wanted contracts let alone someone that is most wanted since season 4 dropped.
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    Why am I being matched in to middle or Far East lobbies

    How do you tell where the lobby is? Can't go by ping as that can be screwed by various means.
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    Interesting happenings in Clash last night

    This happened to me twice last time. I doubt it's a server crash. But there was one death I had when there was NO chance they knew where I was and they were preaimed at me. As soon as they killed me, game froze, lost connection to server. Second time, I died and the kill cam showed me a wallhack...
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    Plunder Gone... AGAIN...

    I found it funny that Champion of Caldera seemed to only be there a few days. But if you want to keep tabs on their playlist, watch their trelo page I linked above.
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    Plunder Gone... AGAIN...

    I've just been playing storagetown clash. I loadup my 3-line and sit back and headshot them all.