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  1. OldKrow

    Unknown operator skin

    its a skin that clan's got for getting so many kills in season 3 or 4
  2. OldKrow

    Noob here

    Domination an Search and Destroy seem to have a good mix for newer players really any thing team base will work.. few tips! Wear a headset if you have one an land your shots..
  3. OldKrow

    Warzone Warzone unplayable in 240hz? Help needed! TIA

    do you use Nvidia geforce experience to optimize your setting? If not, let it do it for you, then set the Nvidia DLSS to what you like, I also had to disable a Shadows setting to but not sure what one it was.. your problem is in the game setting.. HDMI cable won't work if that what port your using..
  4. OldKrow

    Warzone Max party size for Payload

    Well no one knows that? I'm guessing!! google quote " Warzone's first-ever objective-based game mode - Payload - pits two teams of 20 Players against each other in a race against time. Players drop in to escort two caravans of vehicles through a series of Checkpoints or sabotage the mission"...