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  1. Crazio

    COD advanced warfare on the PC

    Cool :). The last good port of a cod game was mw3. There I actually had the feeling I was browsing to a pc friendly menu. And all the black ops games were ultra bad :(
  2. Crazio

    COD advanced warfare on the PC

    hey all, Is anyone going to play advanced warfare on the PC? Do you think this will be a proper port? COD ghost could have been done better imo.
  3. Crazio

    Advanced Warfare Weapons

    Cool to see some new weapons in the game. Do you know if this is the complete list? Because the number of weapons seems a bit low, compared to all the previous cods.
  4. Crazio

    What is your impression of CODAW so far?

    Somehow I think this game is going to be so much better than Titanfall but at the same time its going to be titanfall. And in a way I think that is a good thing. I enjoyed Titanfall but at the same time i didnt. You feeling me :p? Anyway I sure hope AW will bring some cool new stuff. I also...
  5. Crazio

    PSN Names?

    crazillio currently only have a ps4 with bf4 and watch dogs
  6. Crazio

    Destiny Alpha

    And finally got the first video to upload to Dailymotion. No idea what went wrong there. Hope you like 'm :)! View: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1zsknm_destiny-alpha-1-initiation-ps4_videogames
  7. Crazio

    Destiny Alpha

    Cool cool. In that case i wanna share the world/public event they have been talking about. Although there was not much public to it :p: View: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1zq2cn_destiny-alpha-4-soloing-the-fallen-walker_videogames
  8. Crazio

    Destiny Alpha

    Hi guys, I know this is a COD forum, but since we are all shooter fans I'd thought you might like some Destiny Alpha gameplay footage. I am very excited about this game myself. Hope you enjoy the video! View...
  9. Crazio

    Favorite codghosts killstreak?

    Yep have to go for the dog as well. Always nice to hear a bark or two.
  10. Crazio

    Advanced Warfare is the final name of 2014′s Call of Duty title

    Yep, i do wish for a theater mode. You can just make more cool video compilations with it. Now you actually have to hope you get the killcam on some of your kills
  11. Crazio

    CODGhosts Devastation gameplay revealed

    Got to agree with you there atlas. The waves / drilling takes to much time :(. They should implement something like a speedy run or something. You know with shorter waves / drillings, just for the slack of it :)
  12. Crazio

    CODGhosts Customization Items Unveiled

    Exactly my thoughts. Never bought 'm. It doesn't really improve the gameplay or anything.
  13. Crazio

    CODGhosts Customization Items Unveiled

    I saw some video's with the ducky pack. How hilarious is that haha.
  14. Crazio

    Live streamer help!

    I guess il wait till i actually see if your livestreams are anything interresting
  15. Crazio


    So i guess this should be removed?
  16. Crazio

    New CODGhosts Personalization Packs unveiled

    Are you guys buying these things? I never quite understood buying these skins/customization things, it doesn't add any new game elements just look and feel. Just like the wolfskin, doesnt make m better or anything.
  17. Crazio

    COD Shotgun Video

    At the start of the video I was like... meh... boring, but then the shooting started. Cool vid. I liked it on Youtube. Keep 'm comming please :D
  18. Crazio

    Call of Duty Ghosts is the no. 1 best seller on Next Gen consoles

    I was actually expecting BF4 to be more close to COD: Ghost. But Ghost is ahead by a lot!
  19. Crazio

    Trick shot? nah...

    So here is a little compilation of our more fun, great, epic, hilarious, wierd, et cetera moments in Call of Duty: Ghost. It mainly contains footage of S&R and S&D games. Hope you enjoy it :) (ps. Sometimes we just have to go kid mode :p) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF4_Vb3sXyQ
  20. Crazio

    Call of Duty Fans Ruin Call of Duty

    People start calling us shits in cod ghost games because we are "try harding" or something. So I guess you can't shoot people in fps games anymore.