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  1. fords8

    Multi Hardcord clans

    You say *we* and *our*. Do you have a few people using 1 account, or do you mean multi people you know are looking?
  2. fords8

    Multi 2 Old Farts looking for clan.

    Yes! In my 50s as well. Contact @NLB_Nomad and chat with him. His activision name: UGA_Nomad#5226347
  3. fords8


    Here is a work around: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhoPNxIw81Q
  4. fords8

    PC MW2 DMZ, fed up with looters.

    Have a chat with @NLB_Nomad and see if you are fit in the gang with us.
  5. fords8

    Offline - not joinable

    People are using Channels to get around it.
  6. fords8

    Offline - not joinable

    After reading more on the subject, I don't think there is a fix for it right now.
  7. fords8

    Offline - not joinable

    Under party settings you can change your levels.
  8. fords8

    Offline - not joinable

    Battle.net, just click on your username and you can change your online to offline or away and so on. Or you are talking about in game?
  9. fords8

    Any Automotive Gurus Around??

    Have a look at this video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvKWGjmPKoc
  10. fords8

    PC looking for PC players cod mw2

    You guys want to play sometime, hit me up. Trying to get some older guys and girls playing on the PC in Never Left Behind (NLB). They have a few PC people now, but I would like to get more people. Just contact me on Discord fords8#3599.
  11. fords8

    I can't launch the game, HELP ME PLEASE

    Have you tryed all of these? CLICK HERE Also read that someone had to update there motherboard bios. And someone else said they had to run Steam as administrator.
  12. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    Also found this:
  13. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    l also found this: Double-click on NvCameraConfiguration.exe. should bring this up.
  14. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    @AntiCheatAgent94 someone wrote something to disable it. Of course since I didn't write it, I have to say use at own risk. Got this from: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/feature-request-remove-ansel.264051/ disable_ansel.cmd @echo off :disable nvidia ansel - version 2 cd /d...
  15. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    Windows 10 or 11?
  16. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    You have an Nvidia card? Try turning off Nvidia Ansel if you have not yet.
  17. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    It is hard to figure out these errors when they are differrent everytime. To bad we couldn't have a database or something of these with fixes.
  18. fords8

    DMZ A Multitude Of Crashes

    I have not looked yet, but do you see a setting for Hi-Rez Assets Cache? It is extra space to stream high-resolution assets.
  19. fords8

    Add @NLB_Nomad and we can get some games in: UGA_Nomad#5226347

    Add @NLB_Nomad and we can get some games in: UGA_Nomad#5226347
  20. fords8

    For Those Old Farts...

    Big fan as well.