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  1. crybaby

    DMZ Perfect Description Of My COD DMZ Experiences :D

    Sorry just figuring out how these forums work. My take on DMZ it sucked me in, started out manageable in getting missions done. The it went Deathcon 5 with your chance to survive very minimal if you don't have 3 plate armor. and even with that the ai bots their armor is like out of this world...
  2. crybaby

    What is your PC made of? Post your Builds here!

    12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700KF 3.60 GHz NIVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3070 WD GEN4 2 TB NVMe SSD M.2 20TB External HD 10GBS MSI MPG Carbon Z790 MB 2x16 Trident RGB DDR5 Cool Master Liquid PL360 Flux Closed Loop Cpu Cooler housed in Segotep T3 Black ATX mid Tower Samsung Odyssey NEO G9 Monitor...