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    DMZ Dmz cant change insured weapon

    nope. game is broken. i've stopped playing. season 4 was it for me.
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    DMZ Pure Garbage

    This game is pure garbage now. The graphics are now low grade on my xbox s which was never a problem before. Many of them don't even load now. The game also has a constant jitter. The overall look of the game is now different. I don't know what they did but it looks like a different game...
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    DMZ Insured Slot Upgrade Broken

    i've got the same problem on my xbox s. can't change my first insured weapon.
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    DMZ Season 3 Reloaded First Thoughts

    Hate the new map. It is a maze and too easy to get lost. It is like Building 21 but even worse.
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    DMZ Issue With Party Leader Control

    Is anyone else having issues with the party leader taking control of your menu screen? Or is this normal? Whenever I join a party the party leaders action on their end also happen on my end. For example. If i join a party and the party leader clicks to start the game my screen also goes to...
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    DMZ Impossible Missions

    I can't do the Helping Hand mission because I can't find the gun oil or drill. They create missions that require certain items and then never spawn the items on the map. I can't believe how much this games creators suck at their job.
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    DMZ Dmz bots got worse? Getting kicked?

    i have experienced this same thing. level 3 bots everywhere. non stop spawning of level 3. exfiling was hard enough with players gunning you down now level 3 bots show up.
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    DMZ Season 2 consensus? I’d like to hear others opinion

    they screwed the game up. the bots are harder. they now have big sections of the map with no vehicles nearby. it sucks.
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    DMZ Your Season 2 Patch is an absolute JOKE

    the bots are harder, they swarm faster, entire sections of the map that have no vehicles. and have have exfil points that are now right next to each other. it is amazing how much they F'd this game up.
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    Warzone 2.0 Season 02 First Thoughts

    Garbage game still crashing on me.
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    DMZ Season 2 Start Time??

    how does this work? do we just download the update and thats it?
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    Multi Looking for casual players

    39yo from USA looking for casual dmz players. having a hard time finding people to play with.
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    Multi Older Gent Gamer seeks DMZ Squad

    did you find anyone yet? hey i'm 39yo from the USA. looking for casual dmz players. I also just starting playing again after more than 10 years of not playing video games. 39yo from USA here. looking for casual players.
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    Multi Looking for Clan 4 DMZ

    USA here. did you find anyone? i'm having trouble finding players for casual dmz.
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    Multi 40+ looking for mature clan for casual play

    did you find a group yet? i'm still having a hard time finding players for dmz.
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    DMZ Switching Squads After Death Needs To End

    Giving players the ability to join new squads mid game is ruining the game play. Your teammates get downed. They join a new squad and then they give your position to the new team. This has to stop. I was just in a three man team. I was doing sniper duty for them the whole match. They both...
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    Now I remember

    I stopped playing video games about 10 years ago. After playing Call of Duty again for about 3 weeks I am reminded why. It is repetitive and a waste of time. You just do the same thing over and over. Go in and loot to get gear or do the same mission again and again. I am also bored with Halo...
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    Multi Older Gent Gamer seeks DMZ Squad

    39 form USA. i play the same time Eastern time zone. i can't find casual players.
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    Multi Looking For Casual Players

    For the love of God can I please find a group of decent casual players? I'm not a pro but better than average. I keep getting paired with people who clearly have no idea what they are doing. I don't use mics. I'm good at being a backup. Looking to loot and take down other players just for...
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    DMZ Play Again with Team

    I am finding really hard to find people to play with. I thought these forums would help but nope. The official discord isn't helping either. I'm just looking for a group of people who want to play casually. I can friend people in the game buy actually finding them again to play with is hard...