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  1. K

    How is this Fair..??

    I agree 100%... now the bots can say "God D###, where the F### did they go? Holy $@!+" and verious other things but if I say faggot I'm prox chat banned for 2 weeks??? isn't there a "warning adult language, violence,ect ect" warning for this game? I guess it's different when ppl use the "N"...
  2. K

    DMZ Season 2 consensus? I’d like to hear others opinion

    Awake Gates even better now that the new update just come out the graphics are worse everything grainy and clumpy bushes don't look like bushes they look like creatures from the Black lagoon blobs. The boss spawn faster and faster they drive every type of vehicle now I had one down me a few...
  3. K

    Warzone 2.0 OMG My graphics are screwed

    What in the screaming name of Jesus H Christ have they done to my graphics? This new update came out and everything is grainy everything looks crappy all the bushes and shrubs look like clumps of green goo until you get up close to them and then they're still clumps of green goo just grainy and...