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    Xbox Live NoFx Gaming (US / CA) Only!

    NoFx Gaming: Recruitment Status (Accepting New Applications) I am NFG ANTHRAX the newly promoted General over NFG Titans, our main game for the clan is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Our clan is accepting new members at this time who are seeking to join, communicate, and have fun with our current...
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    Xbox Live NoFx Gaming (US / CA) Only!

    NoFx Recruitment Status: (Accepting New Applications) About NoFx Gaming NoFx Gaming was formed in late December of 2018 when former leaders of a previous gaming community banded together to form much more than just a gaming community, they created a social environment where anyone and everyone...
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    Xbox Live Stand Your Ground (SYG) Gaming

    Stand Your Ground (Gaming) is a newly formed gaming community with over 400+ members and counting! About SYG Stand Your Ground (SYG) Gaming was formed last August of 2018 when former leaders of a previous gaming community banded together to form much more than just a gaming community, they...
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    Xbox Live Respect Gaming

    Respect Gaming Recruitment Status: (Open) Respect Gaming is an online social gaming community that is opening its doors to the general public. Respect Gaming has two different sides Casual Gaming - For those members who want to play for fun and enjoy the community aspect with ranking up...
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    Personally I think you should spice up your recruitment post a little better if you wanna have an effective recruitment post on the CODForums... But with you nothing but the best of luck friend.
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    Don't post in the wrong places.

    Just a friendly reminder on the CODForum Rules in regards to recruitment posts. Here is a link to your original post: https://www.codforums.com/threads/slg-nation-recruiting-ps4-only.10485/
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    Multi Revolution Gaming [XB1/PS4] [EU/US/CA]

    Hello and good afternoon, just to let you know you have another post with the same content in your original post original post: https://www.codforums.com/threads/revolution-gaming-xb1-ps4-eu-us-ca.10481/ Please take this time to review and follow the established rules for the CODForums...
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    Don't post in the wrong places.

    First off hello and welcome to codforums. Secondly this section is for people looking to join a clan or want to post a recruitment post for their own personal clan / team. Please make sure your post is unique from other posts so that you are in compliance with the recruitment section rules.
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    Xbox Live Looking for a clan / community

    Well I have been out of the gaming community / clan scene for a little while and i've decided to get back into the swing of things. I am in search for a gaming clan / community that operates on the Xbox One. Personally I have had plenty of experience with some of the emore larger communities in...
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    Xbox Live MPN is Looking for New Members!

    Follow the established recruitment rules and you will be good. No need to get upset over it lol.
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    Xbox Live MPN is Looking for New Members!

    Just a heads up on the forum rules for "Clan Recruitment" section.
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    Xbox Live Gamers International is Recruiting.

    Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I am interested and have signed up on the website. Just let me know what else needs to be done and we can get in some games as well. Have a great Thursday.
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    Multi CG (Commando Gaming) WANTS YOU [PUBS & COMP]

    Just so you are aware, you are only allowed "ONE" recruitment post per community / clan / gaming organization. Additional posts will be merged with original thread.
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    Don't post in the wrong places.

    I hope you understand you are not in compliance with the recruitment thread rules for codforums. Please take the time to view the rules via this link https://www.codforums.com/threads/clan-rules.6415/
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    Xbox Live Sovereign Nation

    Please close this thread.. I have discontinued this community for the time being. Thank you.
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    Xbox Live Sovereign Nation

    Sovereign Nation is currently recruiting for those who are wanting to someone to play with and have fun without the politics or the drama. If you are interested please message myself SvN ENFORCER or visit our website http://www.sovereign-nation.com and register an account with your exact Xbox...
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    PSN (married) looking for a clan

    Ahh right on dude, well if you were on the box mate I would of been able to assist. But best of luck on your search.
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    PSN (married) looking for a clan

    What system do you operate on?
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    PSN Looking For Clan

    What system do you operate off of?
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    Xbox Live Sovereign Nation

    Happy New Year from Sovereign Nation! Sovereign Nation is actively recruiting new members during this wonderful holiday season. We are growing each and everyday with out dedicated and loyal members who put forward the effort to help recruit, game with fellow members and help out with community...