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  1. Empire

    Black Ops 2 "DLC"

    Anyone still play BO2? and if so what are the DLCs that you still can get with the game that are new releases?
  2. Empire

    Favorite Black Ops Game

    So there are many Black ops games (4 not out so keep that out), which one specifically is your favorite and why? Was it the story line, the people you met, or perhaps the multiplayer?
  3. Empire

    Where do you go for news?

    For text news, where do you normally read your news? I have't had a solid place to read news lately, but I like to vary my news reading between atleast a half a dozen sites, as I can get a better view on a subject, than just going to one source.
  4. Empire

    What's the last thing you ate?

    Almost lunch time, and going to do cheese on toast with sun-dried tomatoes. It's now 12.30pm in the UK and feeling hungry to get cooking very soon. So that's before I eat! what was the last food that you ate?
  5. Empire

    The walking dead!

    Who watches the walking dead seasons? They started airing back in 2012 and till this day they are still running the show. I like the show however the last three season has been very slow meaning that they have no idea what story to bring and so they make three or more episodes so slow to make...
  6. Empire

    Your Highest top Score Board?

    Getting ready for it ;P black ops 3 then!!!
  7. Empire

    Your Highest top Score Board?

    Most players rather play online then doing the single story. Most players have internet anyway. So what;s your top highest score that you have achieved in the game?
  8. Empire

    Whats everyone's thoughts on Back Ops 4

    I just saw a trailer for black ops 4 and I am not sure if its authentic. does anyone know if there is a real teaser or anything? I have heard a ton of things such as, Plays like overwatch and set up like battle royal style. I am just having a hard time believing that they would do this. Please...