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  1. TRCornishboy

    Don't post in the wrong places.

  2. TRCornishboy

    CarlosX360's Insane Black Ops 2 Shots

    That one where the sniper missed you and you just knifed him. Paha those things just make me laugh so much :P If I may, this is one of my most insane shots I've done: View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7MW0w8SW0w
  3. TRCornishboy

    Becoming A Sniper

    These little perks will help you in Black Ops 2 Main Snipers to use: DSR-50 Ballista Attachments: Ballistics CPU (To Stop so much sway when quickly ADS) Laser Sight (To reduce the spacing between crosshairs to ensure no scopes are easier to hit) Optionals Extended Clip (This will help you...
  4. TRCornishboy

    I applied for FaZe

    Just wanted to let people know that you can get into FaZe by applying now (Obviously you're not guarenteed) but 100 people that entered will have their clips shown in a mash up video then 20 will be chosen by the public to be rounded to the final 5 that get in. But from what I've seen so far...
  5. TRCornishboy

    Call of Duty: Ghosts rumored

    Could be interesting, but I prefer the Treyarch games (PERSONAL OPINION) but I sure will give it a go. I'll let my mate buy it then get it :P
  6. TRCornishboy

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    ^ I got a free virus and I wouldn't clock that for 4000 Microsoft Points. :rolleyes:
  7. TRCornishboy

    why do i suck at black ops2? please help!!!

    Didn't that gun get Nerfed in the March Update though? Positive it was. Also the PDW and MSMC were definatly nerfed so don't use them anymore. I'm struggling to get back into Automatic guns after sticking to Snipers, but the Vector is quite a nice gun. Almost got it in Gold too.
  8. TRCornishboy

    Call of Duty: Ghosts rumored

    Glad to see there will be a new one but whos making it? Treyarch? (Whooop) or Infity Ward>
  9. TRCornishboy

    Things that annoy you in Call of Duty.

    Laggy players on your team and the other, the ones on your team that spike between points on the map and get in your way and screw up your shots. As well as the other team that you can't hit due to lag. I've recently picked up No Scoping with DSR 50 and it's impossible to hit laggy players...
  10. TRCornishboy

    next generation consoles!

    We'll find out tomorrow.
  11. TRCornishboy

    New rules for multiplayer

    Oh that's a good idea, I heard what sounded to be a 6 year old kid with an ultimately high voice on Search & Destroy earlier. I think those parents need new babysitters.. (As MinnesotaBurns says :P)
  12. TRCornishboy

    next generation consoles!

    Just found out on the Game page there's to be a new launch from Playstation on February 20th 2013 Original Link Please note: This is from Game, the biggest game desposal company in England. It may well just be a new PSN store or something but Game reckons its a new console
  13. TRCornishboy

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    I googled Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 forum. This was the best one I found.
  14. TRCornishboy

    Things that annoy you in Call of Duty.

    I disagree with your number 1. Snipers can be very useful, also get some fantastic kills. 360 no scopes... #YOLO. You know? :P 2. AGREED!!! The amount on the new maps is stupid. Especially Hydro and Downhill is stupid! 3. AGREED!!! Not actually had one kill me yet because I destroy them...
  15. TRCornishboy

    New rules for multiplayer

    No kids. That is all.
  16. TRCornishboy

    What does your set-up look like

    Here's mine :3 View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mjAbexwp0s (I have since got a computer, and it's changed a bit ;))
  17. TRCornishboy

    New keyboard and mouse ideas

    I use a Razor Blackwidow and Razer Naga which both are fairly expensive (but worth it) but if you want a keyboard that you do have to get an anti ghosting one as ghosting is just stupid nowadays. I personally have used these so I really can't reccomend them anymore...
  18. TRCornishboy

    anyone here make youtube videos

    My channels currently having a new background made and some other cool features to go onto it as well; any feedback is really appreciated! http://www.youtube.com/user/DaleChapmanCornwall?feature=mhee
  19. TRCornishboy

    Xbox Live can you help me why when i play zombies black ops 2 on xbox360 its freezed?

    Take the disc back to the retail store where you brought it. If it's not working, don't bother to clean it. Just take it back and get another. That way you won't have to spend money on cleaning it :D.
  20. TRCornishboy

    a ranking system

    I'm a member on another forum and we had something on their called Gold Members where, if you did something good, like help someone out or post a tutorial or something like that you got put to Gold. Then after that if you became even more helpful and possibly donated to the site you was put up...