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  1. freakdaddy64

    wheres keyboardemon

    where you at. hope all is well. keayboardDemon i mean
  2. freakdaddy64

    Fix the damn zombies mode!!!

    dont play alot of zombies dont care for it. they should have put the money and time into dmz.
  3. freakdaddy64

    Multiplayer Down. MW3

    i just checked and went in right a way no problem.
  4. freakdaddy64

    Need Help please

    in the store when you buy a bundle it says dmz. so there may be some that dont work in all the games. have you seen it in dmz already. i dont even see that bundle in the store.
  5. freakdaddy64

    Need Help please

    i play on pc so i wouldnt know the ins and outs with console. and you stated you can kinda get it to work in warzone please explain kinda.wish i could be more help.
  6. freakdaddy64

    Is It True?? AMD Better For COD Than Nvidia??

    it came with single to three. but i bought a white one to match case View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiqnzMjQmEA here it is
  7. freakdaddy64

    Is It True?? AMD Better For COD Than Nvidia??

    im rocking a asus rog strix 4080 oc and its great
  8. freakdaddy64

    Cheating in MW3

    since its 2024 i believe they can stop the hacking if they want.
  9. freakdaddy64


    im not even in to cod anymore. im back to counter strike 2 its still alot of fun and its free.
  10. freakdaddy64


    not been playing much cod, was heavy into dmz but not now and mw3 isnt doing anthing for me.
  11. freakdaddy64


  12. freakdaddy64

    How about instead of I want my money back.......

    im not impressed with mw3 or zombies but not so much i dont enjoy playing with my online friends. so money well spent. we dont live in a perfect world and never will.
  13. freakdaddy64

    Having fun with the new Campaign

    finished campaign and story is ok but noy impressed at all. think mw2 was better.
  14. freakdaddy64


    always hacks. maybe the last version i buy. its all the same just a little different but same ol thing. but i like it. i think zombies will be fun
  15. freakdaddy64


    i think you can only play multiplayer not sure about warzone
  16. freakdaddy64


    been playing bete and i like it alot
  17. freakdaddy64

    my new gpu arrives today

    It comes with an adapter three eight pins from PSU plug into the adapter which goes into a single 12 pin But I bought an adapter from Amazon instead of using the one that comes with it it's more flexible