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    The game will not allow me to go positive in any game!

    When I first started playing Cold War I had a 1.23 KDR and I felt like I could actually play and use all the weapons and be successful.Now it’s like the server is punishing me for using certain weapons and making sure I go negative.No matter what gun I use it won’t kill anyone!My KDR now is 1.12...
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    Now that annoys me and then the server gives them a kill especially when you shot other person first.
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    That will never happen you know why?Half of the fan base doesn’t use a sniper rifle because they don’t have the patience or reaction time for it and then you have them so called quick scopers for which they obviously don’t understand the real meaning of the sniper rifle.
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    I enjoy Apocalypse, others thoughts?

    I only found 1 gun that works on that map and that is Milano.
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    I enjoy Apocalypse, others thoughts?

    I HATE IT because I tried every load out and nothing works there!They needs to take this map off the game or make it to where if your KDR is so bad this is the map you play.
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    The Apocalypse is PATHETIC AND UNPLAYABLE!

    You absolutely right and I thought Crossroads was bad but this takes the cake!The campers who were crying saying they have no chance well now they got a map just for them and it is Apocalypse.
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    The Apocalypse is PATHETIC AND UNPLAYABLE!

    I’ve played this Apocalypse map since it dropped and I HATE IT!You want a camper map here you go!No matter which corner you get killed and the spawn killing is unnecessary.I tried every load out and it’s clear that this map is unplayable.I thought Crossroad Strike was bad but this is WORSE!
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    Cartel is crap

    That’s smart and I mostly back out if I start the match and know we’re gonna lose cause your 25-30 kills down.The worst thing is the server puts you with the worst players on your team almost every time.
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    Why can't bots be added to Express?

    My guess is that the powers that be must have thought that most of the COD community have played Black Ops 2 so they didn’t need to add bots.To me Express is one of the easiest map to play and if you go negative on that map then there’s something wrong.
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    Multi BlackWater Gaming

    I sent a message to the page and I’m interested.
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    I find this post rather false because there are days where I can beat the PC players in a fair game.Really this whole thing goes either way.
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    ROAD TO DM-ULTRA Episode 1: GOLD AK47 (Assault Rifles)(BLACK OPS COLD WAR)

    The Ak-47 or what I call “Old Reliable”.In every COD I played this is the gun I would have the most success with!Yeah sure recoil is bad but once you get a good fore grip on it well it’s a beast.The bad thing about this weapon is everyone is using this gun.
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    ROAD TO DM-ULTRA Episode 3: GOLD KRIG-6 (Assault Rifles)(BLACK OPS COLD WAR)

    The Krig-6 is one of the 4 ARs I’ll mainly use.I love the fact that there’s very little recoil and you can use most of the attachments and get a fair amount of kills.It shocks me that people don’t use this gun much.
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    The FFAR-1 is useless since they nerfed it and I tried every attachment and it doesn’t kill anyone without emptying the whole clip.That gun has to be top 5 in being the worse gun.
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    Skill Bases Match Making

    I’m happy that the game makes people with high KDRs play each other and keep them out of lower lobbies.I hate getting stomped on by people like that!Your so used to beating on the lesser skilled that now your in a try hard lobby and you have little to no chance.
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    Cartel is crap

    The only drawback to that is there will be that one person who runs through the whole team and will come up and shoot you in the back.
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    Cartel is crap

    I don’t mind Garrison because I can beat them corner campers and that map allows you to use the LMG,ARs or SMGs.I can hold my own on that map.
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    Sick of playing manipulated games.

    What do mean manipulated games?If you mean games that are halfway over when you join those don’t count.
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    Cartel is crap

    Yes,and the best thing is some of the scorestreaks can make things difficult for the opponent.If you get a Chopper Gunner,VTOL or Gunship it’s game over.
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    Skill Bases Match Making

    Anyone who has a high KDR should be playing against those who have the same so that way you can see how good you are plus it keeps the not so good players interested in the game.