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    Vanguard , Battlefield 2042 , or Hell Let Loose ?

    Out of the 3 I would go with battlefield 2042 without a doubt. Hell let loose performance on Ps5 is terrible at the moment (Constant framedrops and framepacing issues when you're near any action) but as Carlos said it's free on Ps+ so just go try ity out. Vanguard just seemed like a big step...
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    Playing cod, Crossplay disabled, How to fix pc’s from invading rooms?

    I still dont understand how/where you heard of this. I cant find any mention of it anywhere online.
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    Playing cod, Crossplay disabled, How to fix pc’s from invading rooms?

    If that is true then that sucks big time. As I said I have seen people show up as PC players on their profile for a short time after loading, but I assumed it was just a glitch/bug.
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    An F'ing Queue?

    Yeah I don't get the appeal of Warzone other than it beeing free. Free is still too expensive though, they would have to pay me to play that BS :) I still haven't tried a battle royal game I actually liked. They are all so damn boring and drawn out. 90% of nothing happening and 10% action.
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    Playing cod, Crossplay disabled, How to fix pc’s from invading rooms?

    Why do you think there are PC players if crossplay is disabled? Not saying there isn't some exploit to do it, but I have seen anything indicating it. I have seen a few examples where I checked someones profile in a crossplay disabled lobby on PS and they showed up as either a PC or xbox player...
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    An F'ing Queue?

    Back on Modern Warfare when half the planet was home because of corona there was litterally a que every damn day. On top of that you would sometimes get kicked of the servers in the middle of a match and would have to wait in line again. They seriously need to add more/better servers. People...
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    What the f^^^ is up with matchmaking?

    Yeah I have had matches where my score was higher than the top 3 players on the enemy team combined and still lost the match
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Thats just how the aim assist works. It doesn't help you get on target, it just slows your sensitivity slightly when you are on target. Did you by any chance have your field of view set higher on PC than on Console when you tried it? That is the one thing I can think of that will make the aim...
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    Aim assist is exactly the same on PC when using a controller. I have both the PC and Playstation version and there's no difference at all.
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    BAN Call of duty Multi single War..

    This is a fan forum and has nothing to do with activision... no one here can tell you why you were banned.
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    Lost diamond camos?

    I logged in yesterday and noticed that none of my AR loadouts with diamond camos had the camo applied anymore. I went to camo section and to my suprise the diamond camos were locked again. I checked the stats and noticed that on 3 of the ARs I was suddenly missing a few camos. It wasnt a bog...
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    Call Of Duty 2021 WWII: Vanguard

    Yeah im tired of WW2 games. Growing up every other shooter was a WW2 shooter. I've had enough of them for a lifetime even though I used to love the setting for games
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    All Get Credit For Kill

    In Cold War you get an elimination even if you only hit someone with a flash or stun granade before someone else killed them. You don't actually have to deal any damage for an elimination An elimination is just having a part in a kill in some way. You can find both you K/D an elimination/death...
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    The cheaters have won

    Yeah I bought Cold War in ps5 and disabled crossplay. Had enough of COD on PC after MW.
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    Console Chumps and Aim Assist

    COD always had insane aim assist on console (or when using a controller on pc) It's not something that was implementet in the recent games.
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    Is both Cold War and Modern Warfare unplayable for anyone else?

    I haven't had any problems. I did have an insane amount of problems on MW in season 4 or 5. Skipping a a few feet back or forth ever couple of seconds (Made it completely impossible to play) I haven't had any problems since season 4/5 ish on MW and I haven't had any problems at all on cold...
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    The more I play this the more I regret spending my money on this game..

    I wish they would add a mode with no kill/scorestreaks. They did it multiple times in MW but it was always only for a short time. It was actually awesome to play without them for a while
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    Nuketown 1984 arrives to Black Ops Cold War

    Yeah its treyarchs answer to Shipment. I prefer shipment though as I only ever play any of them to level up and shipment is just faster/better for that than nuketown
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    Nuketown 1984 arrives to Black Ops Cold War

    Its actually the coolest looking Nuketown in the series history. Im not really a big nuketown fan though, but atleast it's good for gun leveling.