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  1. bigJIMstream

    Devs regularly review/respond to issues on this forum?

    Was that the fine print when I registered?
  2. bigJIMstream

    Devs regularly review/respond to issues on this forum?

    I'm relatively new to this forum. Do the Devs regularly review/respond to legit bugs/issues posted here or is this mostly trading info with players? Most people already know about the Mnk issues so wondering if anyone that can actually fix these bugs stop by. Is there a better place to post...
  3. bigJIMstream

    MnK input issues/bugs

    Some issues/bugs I'm seeing on Mnk: 1. Going prone immediately after a slide is not consistently working. 2. If auto tact sprint is enabled, the tact sprint is delayed when transitioning from prone to tact sprinting. Basically, it's very difficult to snake on MnK if auto tact sprint is...
  4. bigJIMstream

    MW3 BUGS

    I followed up with some other Mnk players and they are seeing the problem as well. It appears it's related to the prone function mappable only by MnK players. Controller players aren't experiencing any delays after sliding and being able to go prone. AA is already a huge advantage so at...
  5. bigJIMstream

    MW3 BUGS

    After the update I did some testing with different vests and boots regarding tact sprint duration and stance transition times. I found a couple of bugs. 1. For some strange reason, the WSP Stinger only has a tact sprint duration of about 4.33 seconds. It's actually shorter than an AR even...
  6. bigJIMstream


    Hope everyone is well :). Some feedback on the Armory Level Up Process. I've only been playing COD since MW2019, so perhaps the current Armory level up system has been used before with great success. I know the goal is to make the game fun so that gamers play for as many hours as possible...