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    Done With COD

    No more for me……the challenge bug has been reported multiple times but, not fixed. This is not how you build your base. You’re a POS Activision.
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    Challenges Not Working Again

    How many posts do I have to write to get this bug fixed? The Challenges are NOT working.
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    Challenges Not Working

    For the past several days, Challenges are not working. If you want players to continue to support MW, support us by fixing this glaring issue. This bug is on Xbox.
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    Stop the Hip Hop

    Enough of the Hip Hop. We’re in over load. How ‘bout some Country Music themes and stars for a change.
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    I think you’re on to something here. I’m going to begin my own investigation of how they are manipulating us. Please give me an example of “white supremacy” within the game. If anything, it appears they are pushing equity in favor of minorities.
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    Same Team Play

    Stop the madness of asking to play again with same team. It takes valuable time to wait. In an hour, we spend 5 minutes waiting for that prompt to go away. I want to play, not wait. End this ridiculous request.