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  1. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favourite gun in Black Ops.

    I actually liked the recoil of the AK47, it wasn't that bad, and it was very predictable. A gun that I hated the recoil on was the Famas, moved around so much, but was really deadly.
  2. xlSynergy_imported3

    Buy or Build a New PC?

    Yeah, some people do it thinking that all you need is a brain and hands to do it, and they think it's really simple. People see the Newegg videos where the build PCs in like 30 minutes, but they don't notice that those are professionals.
  3. xlSynergy_imported3

    Is this the game that glorified quickscopes?

    I agree. However, I quickscope in Black Ops 2 a lot. I find it easy too, but not as easy as Modern Warfare 2. I think that if it was like CoD4 quickscoping, not many people would do it.
  4. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favorite Zombie's Map?

    Yea, I hate maps that are too small. I always end up getting cornered and dying in a low round. There was this one really big map (it was a Black Ops DLC), but I forgot what it was called and I thought it was cool. Shangri La or something like that.
  5. xlSynergy_imported3

    Xbox 720 or PS4

    I agree, however, I gotta see how the Xbox 720 performs first. I'm thinking of going to Xbox 720 if the online is free, but if not, I'll probably go with the PS4.
  6. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favourite gun in Black Ops.

    Yea, I remembered that gun with grip was a monster! One gun that I never liked was the G11. My cousin would always use it and would get amazing scores, though.
  7. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favorite Band

    I only know one song by Nine Inch Nails, so I can't say I like them. Never heard of Goo Goo Dolls. Linkin Park used to be my favorite band. I only know one song by Smashing Pumpkins, and I don't really like it. Never heard of The Used, but I like Disturbed :)
  8. xlSynergy_imported3

    Xbox 720 or PS4

    I agree that the PS3 is better than the 360, but I hope that doesn't start a flame war, lmfao. But yeah, PS3 online servers suck really bad, they're terrible. I hope it's better on the PS4.
  9. xlSynergy_imported3

    Eating during play sessions

    Ha, that's how it was when I first started. I would like make the spoon/fork fall, and once, I even dropped the plate. I do it so much though, that it's an easy task.
  10. xlSynergy_imported3

    New Release says "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Graphics Could Look Like This"

    Well, they didn't say that it was cut scene screenshots, but everyone is almost 100% positive it is, but hey, maybe it is the gameplay graphics (highly, highly, highly doubt this. And yes, I agree, graphics doesn't make a great game, but it's a good extra :)
  11. xlSynergy_imported3

    Worst game of the series?

    Can't believe people actually think Black Ops 2 is the worst. I thought that for the first 2 months, but as I changed my playing style and the weapons I use, it got more fun. Also, the party games are extremely fun.
  12. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favorite Modern Warfare 3 mission?

    I only played the first one, so I guess that's my favorite. I spent most of my time on multiplayer and special ops, which I liked a lot. Also, I think special ops includes a few campaign missions, and they were cool.
  13. xlSynergy_imported3

    Stopping power VS Juggernaut

    Ha, that's funny. I do that in MW2 with noobtubes. When I'm really bored, I use a noobtube with One Man Army, and the enemies get so mad! Their reactions are amazing.
  14. xlSynergy_imported3

    TV shows you watch?

    Alright so I only have 1 more episode to watch in the first part of the last Breaking Bad season, and the second part comes out in August. Not gonna start watching a new TV show until I finish the second part when it comes out.
  15. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favorite Band

    I used to like Simple Plan, YEARS ago, and today I listened to a few of their songs that are old (2005, 2006). Currently, the only band I actually like is System of a Down (they're the only band I listen to frequently)
  16. xlSynergy_imported3

    Eating during play sessions

    I sometimes eat an actual meal when playing video games, but usually not when I play a shooter. When I played Worms Revolution over the free weekend I ate a meal because it's turn based so while it was the other person's turn, I just took a few bites.
  17. xlSynergy_imported3

    What's your emblem?

    That's awesome! Who doesn't love dolphins, and who doesn't love he color purple! Haha, seems like a nice emblem, you should post a picture of it so we can see it!
  18. xlSynergy_imported3

    New Camos

    I want to, but I don't think I will. The reason I don't think I will is because I've been playing the game less and less, and also, I wouldn't pay $2 for a camo.
  19. xlSynergy_imported3

    Game Mode of Choice

    I have no idea how you do hardcore. I hate hardcore, I like having stuff on my screen (how much ammo I have left, radar) and all of that. I guess it just depends on what you are accustomed to.
  20. xlSynergy_imported3

    Favourite Gun?

    In my opinion, the G36C was okay. MP5, definitely a beast, G36C, I wasn't good with. However, I played with people that were amazing with the G36C, so I guess it depends on your playing style.