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  1. xNoobshot

    Hey you, yes you! Welcome to CODForums! I hope you have a great day!

    Hey you, yes you! Welcome to CODForums! I hope you have a great day!
  2. xNoobshot

    New Modern Warfare Sniping Gameplay

    This look SO Good! I'm excited for 20v20 and the 100 player mode(s) I hope they have just a giant battle like battlefield or something similar. a BR mode I guess would be okay..but ehh, burnt out on BR.
  3. xNoobshot

    CODForums upgraded to xenForo 2!

    Thanks for the replies and as for ranks I don’t think you’ll have too many spammers on this site
  4. xNoobshot

    CODForums upgraded to xenForo 2!

    The site feels more responsive, fluid and fast! I'm liking the upgrade! I would recommend a few things though. 1. Allow what type of style users want in the "Preferences" Tab. i.e. Switching on user-side only. This would only include differences in backgrounds. (WW2, Infinite Warfare, MWR, AW...
  5. xNoobshot

    CODForums reaches 10,000 Members!

    Congrats @Carlos Super excited to see this forum grow everyday!
  6. xNoobshot

    My first gold camo!

    Thanks man! I got it in literally like 5 hours of play time! :D
  7. xNoobshot

    My first gold camo!

    Just got my first gold camo on my most used weapon! The LEE ENFIELD I use this weapon with the following attachments 1. 4x Optic 2. Ballistic Calibration
  8. xNoobshot

    Any Call of Duty: WWII impressions?

    @Toxic34 I purchased the Pro Edition, which came with a steel book case, season pass, zombies camp and Call of Duty: Endownment bonuses (which is a program that supports and hires military veterans) Also, because I’m a regular at my local GameStop, I got a free Call of Duty: WWII lanyard.
  9. xNoobshot

    Any Call of Duty: WWII impressions?

    So far, I love the game! I've only played one Campaign mission and survived 12 rounds of zombie, most of my time has been in Multiplayer. I haven't felt this solid type of MP since Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. A few things I'd like for them to nerf. 1. PPSH-41 (Feels like I'm playing Call of...
  10. xNoobshot

    Remade Maps for DLCs

    I agree with your top picks. I do however, hope to see Overgrown from Cod 4 remade into the game, just to see what it can become with updated visuals.
  11. xNoobshot

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    @Optix_viper Please refrain from posting more than ONE recruitment thread for your clan. Also, please post it in the correct category, "Clan Recruitment". So, in short, this doesn't belong here and will be moved. You have been warned, this will be your final warning. Continuing to post...
  12. xNoobshot

    Not a recruiting area!

    This forum category is not for clan recruitment. This area is specifically designed for clan tournaments, feedback and general clan discussion. NOT RECRUITMENT. Those posting in this category for recruitment purposes will have their entire thread moved to a closed area and will be given a...
  13. xNoobshot

    Cod forums is...ALIVE!!

    Cod forums is...ALIVE!!
  14. xNoobshot

    What accounts for the recent hatred and attacks?

    This is completely wrong, in my opinion Ghosts was the last "true" call of duty most of the fans enjoyed. The fact of the matter is, the Call of Duty fan base doesn't really know what they want. Let's say half of the community wants jump-pack related movement, while another half doesn't and...
  15. xNoobshot

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    SoldierMedic78, Please read the Clan recruitment rules. They are very clear. Read them HERE If clicking that link is too much for you to handle I'll quote the rules you are breaking. Continuing to break said rules may result in thread deletion by a moderator and/or owner. @Carlos
  16. xNoobshot

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    SoldierMedic78, please refrain from posting multiple recruitment threads. one is more than enough. Please read the clan recruitment rules HERE Rules you are breaking. @Carlos
  17. xNoobshot

    Welcome Call of Duty Forums users!

    Nice, Carlos! Congratulations on the acquisition!
  18. xNoobshot

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    This is NOT where you recruit. Not sure if you're being a troll..or serious.
  19. xNoobshot

    Multi BHL Gaming Community - Biggest in the world

    Limit to ONE thread per clan. @Carlos
  20. xNoobshot

    Advanced Warfare is Titanfall!?!

    Join the band wagon! They have jackets! This call of duty looks to be THE most promising so far. a DEDICATED campaign and multiplayer is ALL new ground breaking on a ACTUAL new engine.