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  1. Jasonn

    What do you like about Black Ops?

    Do you like them better than the other kind? Are you better at the Black Ops ones? What specific ones have you played? Which ones have you beaten? Please tell me your story!
  2. Jasonn

    Comparing COD to Other Games

    Is it more/same/less fun? How about in comparison to other adventure games, or even specifically, war ones - as in with 20th/21st century weapons? Anyway, what can be done to improve the game so it can compete better?
  3. Jasonn

    Games You Have Beaten

    What COD have you beaten? How long did it take you to beat it? What was the particular challenge/challenges involved?
  4. Jasonn

    Idea for Another Game

    Any ideas for another game? What would be the special weapons and fighters? What would be the war?
  5. Jasonn

    Kids Playing it on a Baby Level

    Truth be told, my nephew seemed to be beating it, but he just had it on level one and was kind of going thru it like a cartoon! So, do any of you have similar stories? I mean, this kid wasn't so coordinated. He couldn't even beat beginning levels on Mario (as in the old school games)!
  6. Jasonn

    What is your best way of playing COD?

    I mean, there is against the computer, online, and against someone in your home. Anyway, what level did you play when competing? Also, are their any ways you haven't tried yet?
  7. Jasonn

    How many COD games do you own?

    My young nephew is into it big time so I bought him practically all the ones that had Wii (the original) versions. Anyway, they were all bought used and possibly the cost added up to 50 USD I think.
  8. Jasonn

    What is your favorite COD game?

    Myself, I have no particular favorite - but then again, I haven't delved into the games enough. Anyway, regarding your favorite, how much did you pay for it? Was it easy to play? Did you beat all of it or a significant amount? Who did you play against?