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  1. Ik0n

    New here

    Welcome to the forums man!
  2. Ik0n

    Any Modern Warfare Beta impressions?

    Overall, I enjoy the beta so far. I do have two main gripes. 1. A mini-map is just necessary imo in order to facilitate movement and discourage the camping that can occur. The other thing that eliminating a mini-map does is create very bad situational awareness. It's not about chasing red dots...
  3. Ik0n

    PSN The Undead Revival [North American]

    *Update 8/25/19* The Undead Revival still has its foundation of members! We're looking to get much more active when Modern Warfare comes out! I still have a lot of personal stuff going on haha. I'm married now, with a 1 year old daughter and my son is due in November of this year. I just...
  4. Ik0n

    First Ever Game of 2v2 Alpha!

    The first game I played of the 2v2 Alpha!
  5. Ik0n

    What's up man? How have you been?

    What's up man? How have you been?
  6. Ik0n

    Activision reveals Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I don't care about any of the politics, I hope this reboot can rekindle CoD for me. I absolutely loved Call of Duty 4. Fingers crossed they do it justice. Not a good start when you say 'new engine' AGAIN when it's just the modified version of the engine you've been using for years now... you'd...
  7. Ik0n

    Favorite TV shows?

    Is The Strain canceled? I loved like the first few episodes and then forgot about it.
  8. Ik0n

    November 21st Update

  9. Ik0n

    November 20th Update

    Today’s title update is another big one, and we’re celebrating the long holiday weekend with our first QUAD FEED in Black Ops 4! Starting 10AM PT tomorrow, all players get 2XP in MP and Zombies, 2X Tier Boost, 2X Merits, and 2X Nebulium Plasma on all platforms through Monday, Nov. 26. Now, onto...
  10. Ik0n

    Quad Feed! 2XP for days!

  11. Ik0n

    Hello Comrades!

    Welcome to the forums man.
  12. Ik0n

    Hello from Australia!

    Hello Troy, welcome to the forums!
  13. Ik0n

    November 13th Update

    For full patch notes click the link ^above^! Our November 13 game update is absolutely huge, delivering Black Ops 4’s distinctive revival of Nuketown on PS4, our biggest stability update yet in Zombies, gameplay balance changes across all modes, map spawn and game mode improvements in...
  14. Ik0n

    PSN Ps4 anyone

    I mainly play Blackout. I'm based in NY and I get on as much as I can but I have a 5 month old daughter so that takes up a lot of my time. Feel free to add me though, my tag is Ik0n88x.
  15. Ik0n

    PSN Ps4 anyone

    What do you play a majority of the time? MP, Blackout or Zombies?
  16. Ik0n

    Perks & What They Do!

    ====LAST UPDATED 11/13/18==== In this thread, I'm going to going over all of the different perks in the Blackout game mode and what they each do. To start things off, there are 14 perks total in Blackout and here is the full list and description of what they do... Use Time: 2 seconds...
  17. Ik0n


    I'm on PS4. It's not even so much the story for me, it's the I have no idea where to go or what to do or what is even useful to be doing haha. All these different doors and plasma and pack a punch... Keep in mind, I haven't really played Zombies ever so I'm completely new.
  18. Ik0n


    I play mostly Blackout, I'm level 17 there. When I'm playing with my wife or my cousin we'll play the multiplayer though as they don't like Blackout. I would like to play more Zombies but I'm honestly just confused about what's going haha.