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  1. Mycrospyder

    Call of Duty Mobile released

    Downloaded this first day and haven't really had a lot of time to dig into it. I did just unlock the battle royle portion of the game and that proved interesting. On Blackops 4, I've tried that mode and always died early on in the match. On mobile, I survived with a teammate up until there...
  2. Mycrospyder

    New here

    Thanks, Ik0n!
  3. Mycrospyder

    New here

    Appreciate it!
  4. Mycrospyder

    You can make a Black Ops emblem in your computer easily. Watch the tutorial :)

    Pretty neat stuff! I never have had the patience to do one that is in depth but good to know I can!
  5. Mycrospyder

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    I just google searched various terms for call of duty. I think COD forums is what landed me here. I've been looking for some gaming websites to hang around and there aren't many good forums anymore. This one is by far the best looking. So great job on that!
  6. Mycrospyder

    New here

    Hello, Been looking for a good dedicated forum for various games and came across this one! I've been a long time gamer with Call of Duty. Started when it was only on PC back in the day. Moved over to xbox and have continued to love every single COD game since! (with the exception of a few)...