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  1. Giggity 89

    MWR : shotgun vs SMG?

    I suck with both but whats your preference and why?
  2. Giggity 89

    Anybody have any useful tips for a noob at MWR?

    I downloaded Modern Warfare remastered a few days ago. Im still pretty crappy at it but slowly improving, any tips for a noob? I like running either a sniper rifle or an M4 with an ACOG, what perks would you recommend and why? Also, can anyone recommend some good youtube channels for learning...
  3. Giggity 89

    Noob here...

    I live in Eastern Oregon, im 29 years old and I prefer console gaming ,ps4 and Nintendo mostly. I just started getting back into playing COD games thanks to Modern Warfare Remastered. I played the original and the 2nd one quite a bit about a decade ago, cant say that I was anygood though. Lol...