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  1. Markaccus

    Battle Royal re battle pass

    Even though I'm not a fan of fortnite, I'm looking forward to trying the BR mode out. However, it will be interesting to see how BR interacts with regard to leveling up the battle pass. If its too slow, I can se the BR mode dying very quickly. After all, there has been a few confusing...
  2. Markaccus

    Whats with the huge updates?

    There's an article knocking about somewhere explaining this issue. It's re sending things we already have, but in an effort to streamline future updates, so that they are not as big. Fingers crossed it works.
  3. Markaccus

    Returning member

    Thanks. Will do, although I don't think I'll ever have to.
  4. Markaccus

    Shoot The Ship should be a permanent playlist. So whats your thought?

    Recent signs point to there being two playlists soon, one for shipment, and one for shoot house. I'm hoping this is true, because the spawns and insta death on shipment is going to give me an aneurysm.
  5. Markaccus

    Returning member

    Hi. I haven't been here since MW3 days, possibly blops2. I skipped a couple of cod games, and then couldnt remember where I used to come to talk nonsense about it :D:D Activision have closed theirs down, and in searching for a new place, I stumbled back upon this forum. I recognise the name of...
  6. Markaccus

    A new Call of Duty title is coming 2014

    MW games were always fun. Not sure it was left open for a MW4 though. Dont know if a MW game with all nee characters would work.
  7. Markaccus

    First look at the K.E.M. Strike

    I do think it is more realistic that the map is reduced to rubble and that the mechanics of the match are totally changed from that point on. If this killstreak simply kills all opposing team members and destroys the map, then that is fine. I just didnt like the mw3 moab which also made the rest...
  8. Markaccus

    First look at the K.E.M. Strike

    I always thought the nukes spoiled a match. So this is one element i am not looking forward to. Appologies for being absent so long. Family and work shit hit the fan big time.
  9. Markaccus

    CODForums Rank Structure

    These look great. I have never had the nouse to do graphical stuff on a pc, so this looks impressive.
  10. Markaccus


    There would probably be a music royalties issue with playing music. Pity because its a nice idea.
  11. Markaccus

    NEW codforums banner

    On my phone i dont have the far left of far right of the image. The search bar has appeared accross the eyes of the guy in the skull mask. Graphically it looks great, though. If it is all good on lap-tops and desk-tops id leave it as it is.
  12. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    Thats a good one. [C4MS] Maybe. it has C4 in it which is always good, and 4MS said out loud is almost forums :D
  13. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    I meant your avatar on PSN. unless there is another carlosx360 on the psn :s I remember when the turtles first arrived in the uk when i was a kid. They changed the name to "Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles" because "Ninja" was deemed to violent. The original cartoon was great, although looking back...
  14. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    Have sent requests to both carlosx360 and codforums on psn. I taje it you are a fan of the assassins creed games, carlos, as you use the same avatar as me. I got bored with AC3.... but thats probably for a different forum :D Yeah it turned out to be impossible on the phone. I have sent a...
  15. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    If I went around with CoFo people would expect me to be good, so i am glad you have chosen CoDF. Will i be able to add CODForums on psn from my phone of will i need to be on my ps3?
  16. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    Also just thought of [CoFo] but thats a bit close to MoFo :D
  17. Markaccus

    CODForums Clan Tag

    It's a nice idea. Not sure people would want to be on my team though :p [CDFM] or [CdfM] just another couple of ideas. Suppose any variation of upper and lower case letters would work.
  18. Markaccus

    CODForums Upgraded and Revamped!

    I am usually on here using my phone. This upgrade is excellent. I believe you people across the pond would say "awsome". Much easier to navigate and read.
  19. Markaccus

    Loadout's of choice?

    Not being funny, but does class 2 not add up to 11 points?
  20. Markaccus

    Things that annoy you in Call of Duty.

    ^^^ This. Even though i have had a little whinge about one or two things (mainly because i am unlucky and/or not reactive enough to avoid them), i agree with what the above poster has said. Everybody is annoyed by something, whether it is a play style, killstreak reward or a weapon, but each of...