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    PSN Prodigy Gaming Recruiting (PS4)

    Prodigy Gaming is a PlayStation 4 clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to. We focus mainly on the Call of Duty series, but we have members who play all kinds of other...
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    Clip of the Week!!

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to let all of you know about my most recent video which is a clip of the week. If you would like to check it out then here is the link: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvB4fspuPwA
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    PSN Looking for some feedback on my site

    Can some of you all give me feedback on my new clan site and let me know what you think? I'd greatly appreiciate it!!! http://prodigygamingclan.enjin.com/
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    PSN Prodigy Gaming

    Hello everyone!!! I am currently recruiting for my clan. We are for the Playstation Platform and our only requirements are that you be 15 or up and Must be active on site and game. If you are interested please go to our site http://pgamingclan.enjin.com/ and register using either the recruitment...
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    PSN Prodigy Gaming

    Hello everyone!!! I'm RFG Reaper and I just wanted to introduce my new clan!!! My clans name is Prodigy Gaming and we currently have no members. Now, I know your probably thinking why the hell would I join a clan with no members. Well, the reason why you should join is because this is your...