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  1. Oropherion

    Controller or Keyboard and Mouse?

    I prefer a controller for shooters and stuff like that, but there are some games that necessitate keyboard use (have too many controls for a controller) or simply don't have controller support. The bad thing is, I don't have any computers with support for wireless controllers, and I don't have...
  2. Oropherion

    How old are you?

    I'm eighteen. It's definitely true that a lot of young kids play first person shooters, but even older people can like playing those games too.
  3. Oropherion

    Sites you wish you built

    I don't tend to show much envy. I know if I had to maintain a business as large as Google, I would crack under the pressure. I'm happy not being a billionaire. It helps that my boyfriend has a rich family, though.
  4. Oropherion

    A section for miscellaneous FPSes/video games that don't fall under other categories

    There's a lot of selection on this forum, but I feel like it might be a little lacking. Namely, there's a lot of first-person shooters without dedicated forum sections, and I'd rather have a whole other section for misc. FPSes than try to talk about it in the Hangout section. What if I want to...
  5. Oropherion

    What are you listening to now?

    Call me a puss, but I have a little music app on my Chrome browser for Animal Crossing music that changes with the hour. If I'm not doing anything important, I'll usually just have that on as a nice ambient background sound.
  6. Oropherion

    Favorite Band

    That's a hard question. I would have to say my favorite band right now is Elvenking, but Blind Guardian is a close second. Mostly because most of their songs involve elves or other fantasy concepts, and it's killer and energetic and guitar-smashing enough to motivate me while I'm gaming.
  7. Oropherion

    Favorite Mobile Games?

    Aw, I used to play mobile games all the time, but my IPhone right now doesn't have enough memory on it to store games any more, and I'm trying to save up for a new gaming PC so a new phone is out of the question. I think I used to play a lot of sonic games on my phone (yeah, SEGA is putting...
  8. Oropherion

    Eating during play sessions

    I do tend to try to eat things that are impractical to eat during a gaming session, or I drink a protein shake so I don't need to technically eat anything. I hate it when my game-time cereal gets soggy o_O
  9. Oropherion

    Fact or Fiction

    Well, to me, it can vary. Just because something is factual doesn't make it boring, and fictional things aren't always interesting, and sometimes fiction can be more realistic than something trying to pass off as "based on a true story". A lot of reality-based programming is over-exaggerated or...
  10. Oropherion

    Introduction Thread for myself

    Hello everyone, it's nice to be here. I'm an avid gamer from Texas, I found this forum interesting so I just signed up, lol. I hope I can find interesting gaming subjects to talk about here.