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    Want a free copy of CODWWII? Sign up, post, and win!

    I would like to register my interest in winning a copy of COD WWII please!
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    Xbox Live Looking for a mature UK clan/community

    Just signed up, looks great cheers!
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    Really annoying pop-up!

    Can you delete my account please, this thing is very annoying and unless it goes I do t see me using this forum.. Cheers!
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    Really annoying pop-up!

    Hey Carlos, it's really annoying mate.. I don't understand why it needs to be there lol?
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    Really annoying pop-up!

    Please can you get rid of this annoying pop-up?? The very same information is at the top of every page anyway.. Pop-up.. Top of page.. Cheers..
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    Call of Duty Video Ideas

    Voted pal..
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    New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Menus

    As an old school COD player, I am really looking forward to this!! Are there many here that have pre-ordered it?
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    Xbox Live Team needed for CoD4 remastered

    Give me some information on your group pal?
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    Xbox Live Looking for a mature UK clan/community

    Hello there, I'm 46 and have been running forums for many years, but I have found that vary few of my members play call of duty and this leads me looking for a clan/community for mature gamers where I can join in some cod games and have some banter! I have pre-ordered infinite warfare but...