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  1. King Mustard

    Party can hear me and each other but I can't hear them

    I have: Voice Chat set to Enabled Voice Chat Recording Mode set to Push to Talk Voice Chat Volume set to 200.00 Microphone Volume set to 200.00 When in a party, they can hear me and each other but I can't hear anyone. Any ideas?
  2. King Mustard

    What is Mosh Pit?

    I launched Modern Warfare (2019) multiplayer today and there's a new mode: However, the game literally has no information on what "Mosh Pit" is. Can anyone explain, please?
  3. King Mustard

    Fed up of having to press F to skip, each time I die

    I have no interest how I died each and every time. Is it possible to disable this annoying feature?
  4. King Mustard


    I see no unsubscribe link in the e-mail that brought me here (which, I believe, is illegal in the EU). How can I stop receiving advertising e-mails from the website staff?