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  1. SFBGamer

    New to Forum & COD

    Lol, I remember that game. I had a friend who would play it alot. It would frustate the hell out of him. I can't recall why though but i do remember the love hate relationship he had with Golden Eye. I did not play Ghost as much too get the impressions on its glitche gameplay. Although that...
  2. SFBGamer

    The newbie guide to Call of Duty.

    Excellent guide for beginners such as myself. Thank You
  3. SFBGamer

    New to Forum & COD

    Thank You for the welcoming, Carlos! Sounds like you got back into FPS shooters at a good time. I had not realized how competitive FPS has become. Remember the days of COMit dialing up your friends home phone to connect to their modem for some multiplayer? Thank You for sharing some of your FPS...
  4. SFBGamer

    New to Forum & COD

    Hello readers, In my early teen years I use to play Doom, Duke Nukem and other dial-up FPS of the time. Twenty plus years later, I have a teenage nephew who plays COD. I want to spend more time partaking in his interests and lend him a ear when needed. In doing so he has come over and visited...